Q. What is Juniper Books?
A. We are a specialty bookseller with a focus on building custom libraries and creating unique book sets.
Q. What makes you different from other booksellers that sell books-by-the foot and other decorative books?
A. We work with clients (homeowners, interior designers, property developers, etc.) to get them exactly the books they want/need for their project.  We source books specifically for clients, if something doesn’t exist we will modify it or make it.  Also, our specialty is really books that are great to read/own AND look great, not just one or the other.
Q. Are there any types of books you don’t sell?
A. We sell just about every type of book in existence – new, used, antique, vintage, modern, cloth, leather, without jackets, with publishers’ jackets, with our jackets, and so on.
Q. Do you offer custom book jackets?
A. Yes, Thatcher invented custom book jackets in 2010 and his work has been featured in numerous publications.  Our custom covers can change the color of any book, make up a beautiful design across the spines, and much more.
Q. Do you sell to Interior Designers and the trade?
A. Yes, we offer a trade discount to design industry professionals on orders placed in our online store as well as on custom orders.  Please call 303-946-1494 or use our contact form to request an account or discuss custom projects.
Q. Do you have a showroom or a place I can see your books?
If you are in Boulder, Colorado you are welcome to visit our showroom and warehouse.
Q. Do you have an old fashioned brick-and-mortar bookstore?
A. No, we do not, however there is a bookstore called Juniper Used and Rare Books in Canada that we have heard is a wonderful place to visit.  We are not affiliated with them.
Q. Do you have a retail/wholesale program?
We have a small experimental wholesale program, you are welcome to e-mail thatcher@juniperbooks.com with a pitch.
Q. Are your books in English?
A. Nearly all of our books are in English including our antique leather books.  There are some exceptions and we are happy to build collections in other languages upon request (we have built collections for clients in Persian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian and other languages.)
Q. Do you sell rare books?
A. Yes, Thatcher started in the book trade selling rare and antiquarian books.  He works with clients to source first editions and other rarities both for additions to personal collections as well as unique gift items.
Q. How do you price your book collections?
A. In general, our pricing is calculated by the linear foot of books. The factors contributing to the price of each collection include: binding style, quantity, condition and whether the subject categories requested are broad or specific.
Q. How does your pricing compare if I went out and bought the books myself?
A. Because we are high volume book buyers with unique sources for books, we obtain excellent pricing on both new and used books.  Most importantly we deliver beautiful libraries and save our clients hundreds of hours of labor in research, shopping, cataloging, sorting,  arranging, color matching, leather conditioning, and other tasks involved in assembling libraries.
Q. How long does it take to get a book collection?
A. It depends on the project however we are generally very fast and efficient at what we do.  Lead times can range from days to months for more complex assignments.
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.  The logistics and proper packing of books are one of our specialties.
Q. I’m building or remodeling a home that will be done in 6 months – should I contact you now?
A. The more time we have the better and more customized your library will be. Often times we can also offer better pricing if we have more time to work with. As large construction projects have a “lot of moving parts”, we also enjoy the opportunity to consult with your interior designer and/or architect to accommodate all design considerations.
Q. Do you sell fake books?
A. No, all of our books are real printed books.
Q. Do you sell books for yachts?
A. Yes. We build book collections for yachts and we have experience customizing the selection of books, fine tuning the measurements and layout specifically for boats, and handling all of the shipping logistics to send the books to any marina in the world.
Q. Do you sell books for commercial projects?
A. Yes, we have worked with restaurants, hotels, luxury residence buildings, retail stores, spas, offices, and other spaces.
Q. Do you buy books?
A. Yes, we buy many types of books directly from collectors, estates and dealers.  For a list of books we are currently interested in please click here.

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