Q. What is Juniper Books?

A. We are a specialty niche bookseller and a design partner.  Unlike any other company that sells leather books, books by the foot, or other types of decorative books, we work closely with clients to get exactly the right books for a project even if we have to modify them with our custom book covers, have them rebound in vellum, or source them from a monastery in Greece!

Q. Is there any type of books you don’t sell?

A. No, we sell antique leather books, antique vellum, modern leather (Easton Press, Franklin Library, others), Victorian decorative books, vintage and modern books by color, oversize art books, and every other type of tome imaginable – if it doesn’t exist, we will create it, if it’s not exactly right, we will modify it, if it’s out there, we will find it.

Q. Do you sell new books or used books?

A. We sell both new and used books. If you are primarily interested in new books, we can build an entire collection of new books for your personal home library. Since many books go out of print, especially in hardcover editions, we will general use a mix of new and used books in book collections where the subject matter or particular authors are of particular interest. The used books we sell are lightly used – since we do not have an open bookstore, our books are very lightly handled and in excellent condition.

Q. Are your books in English?

Yes, nearly all of our books are in English including our antique leather books.  We do not sell Scandinavian, Swedish or Danish leather books and this makes us very different from other bulk sellers of antique leather books.  Some of our books are in European languages – French, Italian, Spanish and German – but they are a smaller amount and our specialty is building libraries and book collections that are beautiful and useful (e.g., one can read and understand the titles and books.)

Q. How do you price your book collections?

A. In general, our pricing is done by the linear foot of books. In some cases, we will price projects on a flat rate per book. The factors contributing to the price of each collection include: binding style, quantity, condition and whether the subject categories requested are broad or specific.

Q. How does your pricing compare if I went out and bought the books myself?

A. Because we are high volume book buyers with unique sources for books, we obtain excellent pricing on both new and used books. In general, we build book collections at a lower cost than clients can get on their own AND we save them hundreds of hours of labor in research, shopping, cataloging, subject sorting, shelf arranging, color matching, leather conditioning, and other tasks involved in decorating personal libraries.

Q. How long does it take to get a book collection?

A. Rush orders are no problem and we handle them all the time, however ideally our projects take 3-6 weeks to assemble and ship. We have built “book collections” of thousands of volumes on 24 hours notice so if you need books in a hurry we can get them to you. For libraries over a few hundred volumes, we generally ship by freight, which takes anywhere from 2-5 business days to arrive at US destinations, and longer internationally due to customs delays. We have a lot of experience shipping everywhere in the world and can advise clients on the best shipping options taking speed and cost into consideration.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.  We recently built a library of 5,000 books for a client in Italy and shipped them by ocean freight.  We built a library of art books for a yacht anchored in Mallorca.  We have sold books to collectors in over 100 countries, so yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.

Q. I’m building or remodeling a home that will be done in 6 months – should I contact you now?

A. The more time we have the better and more customized your library will be. Often times we can also offer better pricing if we have more time to work with. As large construction projects have a “lot of moving parts”, we also enjoy the opportunity to consult with your interior designer and/or architect to accommodate all design considerations.

Q. Do you consult on library projects?

A. Yes, Thatcher is experienced in many aspects of designing, organizing and arranging books and libraries.  So, if you are interested in hiring us for our services and you have your own books, that can be arranged.  We can perform book / library appraisals, catalog book collections, consult with your architect and/or designer on library design issues, and more.   For a complete list of our services, click here.

Q. Do you sell fake books?

A. Over the years, we have had a lot of requests for fake books for various purposes (set design, commercial properties, inaccessible locations, etc.). In response, we have developed a few products that can be used for these purposes. Please contact us for more information. Some of these products have the weight and feel of real books, while others are lightweight and can be easily and more cost effectively shipped as compared to real books.

Q. Do you have a bookstore?

A. No. Our focus in on building book collections and personal libraries. We do not have a store and as such our books are not handled by the public or on view to anyone. We buy books specifically to put them into book collections as opposed to other sellers who might try to get rid of their books in bulk if they do not sell in their store.

Q. Is there anything you can’t do with books?

A. We do it all. Every style and vintage of books. We have had clients ship us their books in order to change the color of their exterior with custom book covers. We have wrapped books in custom colors for hotels and other locations. We have assembled book collections in every color, size and shape of leather. We have built collections in all sizes around particular authors and subjects. There isn’t anyone else who does what we do. Further, we have the expertise, experience and dedication to customer service to creatively consult with you and make any idea you have come true.

Q. Do you sell any books as art?

A. Yes, Thatcher is working hard to define a whole new category of books as art by re-purposing books into art projects and modifying them in creative ways.   More information on this to come, or contact Thatcher.

Q. Do you sell books for yachts?

A. Yes. We build book collections for yachts and we have experience customizing the selection of books, fine tuning the measurements and layout specifically for boats, and handling all of the shipping logistics to send the books to any marina in the world.

Q. Do you sell books for commercial projects?

A. Yes, we have worked with restaurants, hotels, retail stores, spas, offices, and other spaces. These commercial library projects typically are more decoratively focused as opposed to content focused; understanding the priorities of our commercial clients helps us to offer a lot of product value.

Q. Do you buy books?

A. Yes, we buy many types of books directly from collectors, estates and dealers.  For a list of books we are currently interested in please click here.

Q. Do you offer custom book covers?

Yes, Thatcher invented custom book covers in 2010 and his work has been featured in the New York Times.  We custom design and print book covers (also known as book jackets) that can change the look of any book, make up a beautiful design across the spines, or much more.

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