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Jane Austen Pink Leather Set

Juniper Books works with clients, both residential and commercial, to curate libraries and/or create/modify books that truly integrate into a design.  Thatcher believes there is  nothing wrong with choosing books by their covers – he helps designers and clients by building book collections by color, size, binding style, and subject matter where appropriate.  If a desired color or binding style doesn’t exist, Thatcher will create it using his custom designed and printed book jackets, rebind books,  or perhaps wrap them in various fabrics or papers.

Thatcher works with interior designers, homeowners, visual merchandisers, purchasing managers, property owners, to obtain exactly the right look for any quantity of books, whether they are selected for their color or style as published, or modified by Juniper Books. Thatcher works with clients in all budget ranges and can participate in all stages of the planning and implementation of a project.

Some of our books are available in our online store, including the Jane Austen set in pink leather style custom covers, however for most requests for books by color or design, it is best to contact us directly as most of what we do is highly customized.   Please e-mail or call 303-946-1494.


Please click on one of the photos below to visit the page for these book styles:

Juniper Books Literary Classics Custom Jackets

Custom Jackets

Juniper Books Custom Wrapped White Books

Custom Wrapped Solids

Yellow and Orange Books

Color Selected Hardcover Books

Victorian Bindings Handpicked by Juniper Books

Decorative Bindings

Antique Leather Books

Antique Leather Books

Pattern Wrapped Books from Juniper Books

Pattern Wrapped Books

Neutral Linen Fabric Wrapped Books

Fabric Wrapped Books

To see some installation photos from our portfolio of books selected by color and design,  please click on the photos below:

Installation of two thousand white wrapped books

Custom Wrapped White Books

Hotel Lorien Alexandria Virginia

White Books in a Hotel Lobby

Black Wrapped Books with Deckled Edges

Dallas Library with Black Wrapped Books

W Hollywood Residences

W Hollywood Residences

To reach Thatcher regarding your color or design coordinated book project / collection please e-mail, call him at 303-946-1494, or use the form below.  Inquiries from designers, architects, visual merchandisers, prop masters, set designers, homeowners, hotels, restaurants, retailers, and everyone else welcome!

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