Easton Press Children’s Books

Posted on September 19, 2012 by - Blog, Book Styles

The Easton Press collection of books for children includes titles for all ages.  Children’s Editions often include beautiful illustrations tailored toward their audience, and each volume is uniquely designed to capture the attention of young readers.

Juniper Books is one of the largest buyers and sellers of Easton Press books in the world.  We buy and sell nearly all of these beautiful leather bound books privately, so it is best to communicate with us directly about selling your collection or buying these books from us.  Our inventory of Easton Press books changes rapidly but we keep want lists for customers and we build collections over years for our clients.

Leather bound Easton Press books make great gifts and we are happy to assist clients with the selection and sourcing of a single book.  We also have more experience than anyone in building entire collections of leather bound books – we have built collections of Easton Press books numbering into the thousands of volumes.

The goal for most Easton Press books when published is for them to become collectibles that appreciate in value.  We handle enough of these books to know that is not always the case and we quite often advise clients on appropriate prices to pay for these books as many times they are overpriced in certain venues.

We are posting this page as sort of a visual bibliography, please ask for permission before using our photos for any commercial purposes, thank you.

To inquire about this style of books, please feel free to call 303-946-1494, e-mail thatcher@juniperbooks.com or contact us through the form below.

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