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Carlyle Antique Vellum

While Thatcher and Juniper Books are at the forefront of  doing innovative things with the printed book, we also are one of the largest sellers of antique books that are timeless and beautiful.   We always stock a large inventory of leather and vellum books, including antiquarian selections as well as modern leather from Easton Press, Franklin Library and others.

We work with designers and homeowners on all the details of a project involving leather or vellum books, whether it be a request to fill shelves by the foot, or to be a more curated collection by author or subject.  We take all specifications into account including book sizes, colors, condition and subject matter.

Our projects involving these beautiful books over the years have included:

  • One thousand vellum bound books in English for an estate
  • Two thousand antique leather books in brown tones, mostly in English
  • A curated library of 500 leather books picked one set/author at a time
  • A selection of red leather books to display at one of the Major golf tournaments
  • Brown and black leather books to be used for merchandising at a retail chain
  • Leather books under 6″ tall for an antique secretary
  • Leather books over 12″ tall for a home library
  • Leather bound ledger books for a retailer to use in merchandising
  • Inexpensive leather books for a country club

In addition to providing selections of real leather and vellum books, we also design and printed book jackets that look like vellum or leather books and thus can transform a modern hardcover book into a antique styled book.  Thatcher invented these book covers in 2010 and they have been very well received as a means of unifying book collections and making modern libraries look like 19th century classics.  For more information click on these links:

To learn more about these styles shown here, please visit:

Antique Leather Juniper Books Selection

Antique Leather Books

Modern Leather Juniper Books Selection

Modern Leather Books

Easton Press Modern Leather books from Juniper Books

New Easton Press Page

Antique Vellum Selection from Juniper Books

Antique Vellum Books

Juniper Books Custom Printed Antique Leather Style Jackets

Custom Printed Antique Leather Book Jackets

Vellum Book Jackets over Jane Austen Set

Simulated Vellum Book Jackets

Leather Books by Author

Leather Books by Author

To view some projects from our portfolio involving leather books please click on the photos below:

Easton Press Leather Bound Collection

Easton Press Home Library

Warm Rich Antique Leather Library

Antique Leather Library

Collection of Antique Vellum Books from Juniper Books

Antique Vellum and Leather Collection



California Library Mix of Leather and Other Styles

California Library

Antique Leather Library

Antique Leather Library - CO

Leather Books for Merchandising

Leather Books for Merchandising

To learn more about how our leather books are different from the leather books by the foot that other sellers offer, please read this link from Thatcher:

Restoration and Maintanence of Antique Leather Books

Leather Conditioning Books

To read about a recent home library project we worked on involving 1,000 antique vellum books and 1,000 antique leather books please see:

Antique Vellum Book Collection

Antique Vellum Book Collection

To reach Thatcher regarding your request for a leather and/or vellum book collection, please e-mail thatcher@juniperbooks.com, call him at 303-946-1494, or use the form below.

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