Broadway Play

A couple weeks before the opening of the Broadway Play Mrs. Warren’s Profession in the Fall of 2010, we were engaged by the prop master to create a library of colorful, oversize books that looked like antique leather law books.  Finding this style of real antique leather books would have been nearly impossible and prohibitively expensive, so Juniper Books custom designed and printed book jackets that looked like colorful oversize antique leather books and rushed them to New York City, where they were skillfully integrated into the set design.

For use on the stage as props, we also provided real antique leather books as we always have a healthy stock of antique leather books to choose from.  The resulting combination of real period leather books and the paper jackets made to look like leather books helped the production achieve their desired set design.

Juniper Books provided Antique Leather Law Books in Broadway Play

Sally Hawkins and Cherry Jones in Mrs. Warren's Profession © 2010 Joan Marcus