Juniper Books builds handpicked book collections for home libraries.  In the process of assembling books for a home, we take all of the project details into account including:

  • Available shelf space
  • Size (depth and height) of shelves
  • Fill percentage
  • Book binding styles
  • Colors
  • Authors and subjects
  • Languages
  • Budget

As building book collections is our specialty, we consult and advise on all of these factors in order to achieve the exact look and content desired.  All projects are different and different clients will have different needs.  We are the only booksellers in the world who can build book collections exactly to a client’s preferences, no matter what those preferences are.  We do not try to sell books from our inventory if they are not the right books, we go out and acquire the desired books.

Please use the navigation menu from the Portfolio header to view examples of our Residential projects and / or Browse the Styles section to see photos of available styles.

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