Easton Press Collection

Our client had a strong interest in literary classics and history and loved the look and beauty of leather books, so building a collection of Easton Press books for him was a natural fit.  This is yet another project we have worked on over time, supplying selected to books that are individually approved one title at a time.  While highly decorative, this is really a history and literature lover’s library.

The library includes a complete collection (and then some) of the 100 Greatest Books of All Time (a series that is actually 125 books that have been rotated over the years).   It also includes a healthy number special Easton Press editions from the Leather Bound Library of Military History as well as titles from the Books That Changed the World Series, Science oriented books and more.  The collection also contains some selected publications from the Folio Society as well as some very special individually sourced antique leather sets with a special connection to the location of the home and the interests of the homeowner.

Our services for a client such as this include maintaining a catalog of their holdings so that they known which books they have in their collection and we do not duplicate any previous purchases.  We also have worked with our client to arrange their books and make suggestions on future collection development.

While Easton Press leather bound books are popular and many titles sell for high premiums over their published prices, our approach to projects such as this is to sell Easton Press books at very affordable flat rate prices – so the result is that the client saves a lot of time by having us do the work, and a lot of money in the process.  With a library of this size, the result is a savings of many thousands of dollars compared to the cost of buying these books one at a time in the open market.

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