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This page features books published by Easton Press as Signed First Editions as well as other Signed Books.  The variety of signed editions available from Easton Press is amazing and includes books signed by astronauts, US Presidents, entertainment celebrities, business moguls as well as noted authors who often publish these leather bound editions at the same time as their trade editions are published.


Among our many specialties, Juniper Books is one of the largest buyers and sellers of fine leather-bound books from publishers like Easton Press and Franklin Press in the world.  We buy and sell nearly all of these beautiful leather bound volumes privately, so it is best to communicate with us directly about selling your collection or buying these books from us.  Our inventory changes rapidly yet we keep “want lists” for customers and we have helped our clients build their collections over years.

Modern leather-bound books make marvelous gifts and we have more experience than anyone in assisting our clients with selection and sourcing; from a single book to a curated collection of thousands. And, as these books are collectibles that appreciate in value over time, we are also very experienced in evaluating and appraising these volumes and we quite often advise clients on appropriate prices to pay for these books as many times they are overpriced in certain venues.

NB: We are posting this page as sort of a visual bibliography. Please ask for permission before using our photos for any commercial purposes, thank you.

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