First Edition Library

The First Edition Library (FEL) is a series of exact facsimile replicas of the first editions of famous books.  We love these books because of how accurately they honor the details of many famous 19th and 20th century books.

The true first editions of most of these books cost several thousand dollars, whereas the FEL books can usually be purchased for less than $100.   Thus, they are wonderful ways to own an attractive copy of a favorite author or to own a collection of literary classics.  Thatcher has many of these in his own collection.

We sell the books individually or we can help build collections.  We also sell a set of 10 First Edition Library books in our online store that is perfect for building a mini-collection or giving as a gift to any fan of modern classic literature.

We are always interested in acquiring / purchasing / buying individual books and collections of First Edition Library books.

Please feel free to contact us at 303-946-1494 or e-mail regarding these books.

The classic literature titles in this series are:

  1. Anderson, Sherwood Winesburg Ohio
  2. Baldwin, James Go Tell It On The Mountain
  3. Bellow, Saul The Adventures of Auggie March
  4. Cain, James M. The Postman Always Rings Twice
  5. Caldwell, Erskine Tobacco Road
  6. Caldwell, Erskine God’s Little Acre
  7. Capote, Trum Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  8. Cather, Willa My Antonia
  9. Chandler, Raymond Farewell My Lovely
  10. Chanlder, Raymond The Big Sleep
  11. Cheever, John The Wapshot Chronicle
  12. Chopin, Kate Awakening
  13. Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage
  14. Dickey, James Deliverance
  15. Ellison, Ralph Invisible Man
  16. Faulkner, William Absalom, Absalom!
  17. Faulkner, William The Reivers
  18. Faulkner, William Sound and the Fury
  19. Faulkner, William As I Lay Dying
  20. Faulkner, William Light in August
  21. Faulkner, William Mosquitoes
  22. Faulkner, William Soldiers’ Pay
  23. Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Beautiful and the Damned
  24. Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby
  25. Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tales of the Jazz Age
  26. Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tender is the Night
  27. Fitzgerald, F. Scott This Side of Paradise
  28. Heller, Joseph Catch- 22
  29. Hemingway, Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls
  30. Hemingway, Ernest A Farewell to Arms
  31. Hemingway, Ernest Men Without Women
  32. Hemingway, Ernest Old Man and the Sea The
  33. Hemingway, Ernest The Sun Also Rises
  34. Jones, James From Here to Eternity
  35. Kerouac, Jack On The Road
  36. Kesey, Ken One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  37. Knowles, John A Separate Peace
  38. Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird
  39. Lewis, Sinclair Main Street
  40. Lewis, Sinclair Babbitt
  41. Lewis, Sinclair Elmer Gantry
  42. Mailer, Noman Naked and the Dead
  43. McCullers, Carson The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
  44. Michener, James Tales of the South Pacific
  45. Mitchell, Margaret Gone With The Wind
  46. O’Hara, John Appointment in Samarra
  47. Rand, Ayn The Fountainhead
  48. Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan The Yearling
  49. Roth, Philip Goodbye, Columbus
  50. Sinclair, Upton The Jungle
  51. Smith, Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  52. Steinbeck, John Cannery Row
  53. Steinbeck, John East of Eden
  54. Steinbeck, John The Grapes of Wrath
  55. Steinbeck, John Mice and Men
  56. Steinbeck, John The Pearl
  57. Steinbeck, John The Red Pony
  58. Steinbeck, John Tortilla Flat
  59. Styron, William Lie Down in Darkness
  60. Twain, Mark Huckleberry Finn
  61. Twain, Mark Tom Sawyer
  62. Updike, John Rabbit Run
  63. Warren, Robert Penn All the King’s Men
  64. Wharton, Edith Age of Innocence
  65. Wharton, Edith Ethan Frome
  66. Wilder, Thornton The Bridge of San Luis Rey
  67. Wolfe, Thomas Look Homeward, Angel
  68. Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny
  69. Wright, Richard Native Son

There is also a mystery series that includes these titles:

  1. Biggers, Earl Derr House without a Key
  2. Bradbury, Ray Golden Apples of the Sun
  3. Burnett, W. R. Little Caesar
  4. Chandler, Raymond Little Sister
  5. Dine, SS. Van Dragon Murder Case
  6. Hammett, Dashiell Thin Man
  7. Hammett, Dashiell Maltese Falcon
  8. Queen, Ellery Roman Hat Mystery
  9. Spillane, Mickey I The Jury
  10. Stout, Rex Fer-De-Lance
  11. West, Nathanael Miss Lonelyhearts
  12. Woolrich, Cornell Phantom Lady

As well as a Science Fiction Series containing these titles:

  1. Asimov, Isaac I, Robot
  2. Blish, James Earthman Come Home
  3. Burroughs, Edgar Rice Tarzan of the Apes
  4. Campbell, John Wood Who Goes There
  5. Heinlein, Robert A. Beyond This Horizon
  6. Moore, C. L. Shambleau
  7. Norton, Andre Star Man’s Son
  8. Russell, Eric Frank Dreadful Sanctuary
  9. Sheffield, Charles Tomorrow and Tomorrow
  10. Smith, E.E. Gray Lensman
  11. Van Vogt, A. E. Weapon Makers
  12. Vonnegut, Kurt Player Piano
  13. Williamson, Jack Legion of Space

And a wonderful set of the James Bond books by Ian Fleming:

  1. Casino Royale
  2. Diamonds are Forever
  3. Dr. No
  4. For Your Eyes Only
  5. From Russia with Love
  6. Goldfinger
  7. Live and Let Die
  8. Man with the Golden Gun
  9. Moonraker
  10. Octopussy / Living Daylights
  11. On Her Majesty’s Service
  12. Spy Who Loved Me
  13. Thunderball
  14. You Only Live Twice

There is also a small series of Banned Books called Published in Paris.

  1. Joyce, James Ulysses
  2. Miller, Henry Tropic of Cancer
  3. Nabokov, Vladimir Lolita