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Decorating with law books can be a great way to achieve uniformity of color and book size in a library or commercial installation.  Law books can also be a very economical method for filling shelves as they are very substantial in size, usually over 2″ thick for each volume, and about 10 inches tall.  The colors are typically brown with an olive tint and with red and black spine labels – this is for the most plentiful series including Federal Reporter and Federal Supplements, also regional Case Reporter volumes.   Antique law tomes are more likely a nice golden brown.

Juniper Books has provided law books for the following uses:

  • Antique leather law books as a economical method to fill home library shelves where leather books were desired but fine literature was neither necessary nor in the budget
  • Recent law books for law offices – brand new books from the publishers are truly a fortune – we sell the used books, that are often in like new condition, for a fraction of the new price
  • Books for retailers and merchandisers – we have provided antique leather, vintage cloth, and newer volumes to stores looking to fill shelves with a clean uniform look – the law books all match, are economical and uncontroversial (ie they fill the space without distracting anyone from what is really being sold in the store)

Below are a few photos, more styles are being added.  We currently have large quantities of the series below for sale if anyone is looking for particular content.

Recent publications in like new condition:

  • Federal Supplement
  • Federal Reporter
  • Federal Rules Decisions
  • Bankruptcy Reporter
  • Pacific Reporter

Antique/Vintage Series

  • Supreme Court Reporter (full set to 2006)
  • Additional Supreme Court volumes including Peters’ Reports, Wallace’s Reports, Black’s Reports, and other 19th century Supreme Court Reports
  • New Jersey Reports
  • New York Reports
  • Maine Reports
  • Beavan’s Reports
  • Bligh’s New Reports
  • Bosanquet and Puller’s New Reports
  • C.P. Cooper’s Reports Temp. Cottenham
  • Campbell’s Reports
  • Collyer’s Reports
  • Cowper’s Reports
  • Crompton and Jervis Reports
  • Crompton and Meesen’s Reports
  • Crompton, Meesan, and Roscoe’s Reports
  • Curteis Reports
  • De Gex and Jones’s Reports
  • De Gex, Jones, and Smith’s Reports
  • De Gex, MacNaghten and Gordon’s Reports
  • Douglass’s Reports
  • Drury and Smale’s Reports
  • Drury and Walsh’s Reports
  • Drury’s Report
  • Durnford and East’s Reports
  • East Reports
  • English Exchequer Reports
  • Exchequer Reports
  • Fairfield’s Reports
  • Greenleaf’s Reports
  • Haggart’s Reports
  • Hare’s Reports
  • Hemming and Miller’s Reports
  • Hurlston and Roman’s Reports
  • Hurlstone and Coltman’s Reports
  • Jacobs Reports
  • Johnson and Hemming’s Reports
  • Keen’s Reports
  • Law Report Exchequer Division
  • Law Reports Appeal Cases
  • Law Reports Common Pleas Cases
  • Law Reports Common Pleas Division
  • Law Reports English and Irish Appeal Cases
  • Law Reports King’s Bench Division
  • Law Reports Privy Council Appeal Cases
  • Law Reports Probate Division
  • Law Reports Queen’s Bench Division
  • Lee’s Ecclesiastical Reports
  • MacLean & Robinson’s Reports
  • MacNaghten and Gordon’s Reports
  • Meeson and Welsby Reports
  • Merivale’s Reports
  • Modern Reports
  • Mylne and Craig’s Chancery Reports
  • Paul and Twell’s Reports
  • Phillimore’s Ecclesiastical Reports
  • Phillips’s Reports
  • Russell and Mylne’s Reports
  • Shower’s Reports
  • Simon’s Chancery Reports
  • Swanston’s Chancery Reports
  • Taunton’s Reports
  • The Law Reports – Crown Cases Reserved
  • The Law Reports Exchequer Cases
  • Thoreau’s Reports
  • Turner & Russells Reports
  • Vesey and Beames’s Reports
  • Vesey Jr.’s Reports
  • Younge and Collyer’s Reports
  • Younge and Jervis Reports

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