Modern Cloth

Real books published approximately 1970 to the present.

The most commonly available books, these are generally near-new looking books that we can use either to build a color-specific collection, a subject-specific collection or a combination of both.

General hardcover books in any subject and any color may be ordered to be used as filler at the most economical prices. Requests for specific colors, subjects, sizes, etc. can all be accommodated. For example, we have built collections for clients who want all the books to be exactly same height and also for clients who only want black books, red books, blue books, etc.

All categories of books are available including but not limited to literary classics, modern literature, history, biography, science, travel & adventure, business, sports, the arts and children’s books. We are always happy to assemble collections of books on local history and/or by local authors as well, for example books on Colorado for a ski house. As we assist many clients with their vacation homes and yacht libraries we also have well cultivated concepts for ski house libraries, beach house libraries, lake homes, etc.

Many multi-volume sets of literature, history, reference and other topics available for a more uniform appearance.

Please note that even for our least expensive “filler” books we sort out all books with potentially controversial titles and subjects so that they do not become a distraction.

Modern cloth covered books are available in all color bindings including white, neutral tones, black, grey, red, orange, brown, green, blue, purple and yellow.

Available with or without jackets. Most clients order without jackets and we remove jackets prior to shipping.

Most books are lightly used in very good or better condition. Like new or all brand new books can be requested.

Handpicked book collections available by subject, author and other requests. All subjects available.

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