Franklin Library

The Franklin Library published beautiful leather bound books from 1973-2000, starting earlier than Easton Press, which is still producing leather books.   The company created a number of book series such as the 100 Greatest Books of All Time, the Pulitzer Prize Series, Franklin Mystery and other collections.  Most of their books are full leather, however some were issued in quarter leather editions and faux leather editions.  Juniper Books is always very careful to accurately describe the books we sell – most of our clients are looking for the full leather books, however we do offer the quarter leather and faux leather books occasionally at very economical prices.

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Franklin Library Pulitzer Prize Winners leather bound books

Pulitzer Prize Series


Beggarman Thief by Irwin Shaw Signed First editions leatherbound

Signed and First Editions


Franklin Library Heirloom Series quarterbound leather books

Heirloom Series


Franklin Masterpieces of American Literature Series leatherbound

100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature Series


Franklin Library 100 Greatest Books of All Time Series

100 Greatest Books of All Time Series