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The wrapped books offered by Juniper Books are available in just about any color paper or fabric. These books are made by wrapping real hardcover books in solid color “jackets,” or in the case of fabric wrapped books, covering them in the fabric.  These are an economical solution for obtaining a neutral toned appearance for a bookshelf, bookcase or entire room without the “distraction” of titles (sounds funny, we know, but often desired).

We work closely with designers, visual merchandisers, developers, architects, homeowners and all others to ensure that the books are exactly the right color.

Please click on the photos below to learn more about a specific style and see examples.


Neutral Linen Fabric Wrapped Books

Fabric Wrapped Books

Juniper Books Custom Wrapped White Books

Solid Wrapped Books

Pattern Wrapped Books in Floral Patterns

Pattern Wrapped Books in Floral Patterns

Black White Grey and Purple Book Jackets 1

Custom Printed Jackets

Wrapped books can be a solution for attaining a desired color for an entire bookcase/library, either as a backdrop, or to unify otherwise disparate book colors.

Custom book covers are useful in hotels, restaurants, store displays and other commercial applications where book titles and/or accent colors on the spines can be a distraction.

When we add titles and labels to the spines, this is also an appropriate solution for unifying the appearance of home libraries that are in active use. We can either custom wrap a new book collection that we build, or clients may ship us their books to be “remodeled” in this manner.

Available in just about any color or mix of colors.

These books have a very modern contemporary feel that can either be engineered to blend into the background of a space or alternatively be used to draw attention to the bookshelves.

White and off-white books are the most popular options and require the shortest lead time.

To inquire about this style of books, please feel free to contact thatcher@juniperbooks.com, call 303-946-1494, or use the form below.

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