Wrapped Patterned

Juniper Books can wrap books in just about any type of paper in order to obtain a desired color and texture for decorative books.  The books on this pages are just a few examples of our patterned paper “jackets” wrapped around hardcover clothbound books.

Patterned book covers are a great solution for transforming books into decorative accessories either in small stacks or larger installations.  We have provided these for use as wedding table decorations, for retail / visual merchandising installations, hotel lobbies and other uses.

The can be incorporated into both residential and commercial applications where well-chosen patterned covers can add to a design rather than having unattractive books distract from it.


Custom wrapped books are available in hundreds of different patterns. We can find appropriate papers to match or complement an existing design when samples are provided to us.

Depending on the paper style and quantity of books to be wrapped, lead times will vary.

To inquire about this style of books, please feel free to e-mail us through the form below.

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