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Franklin Library Signed Editions and First Editions

Women of Crisis by Robert Coles

The Franklin Library was one of the largest and most sought-after publishers of fine leather-bound books from 1973 until their permanent closure in 2000.  Franklin Library Limited First Editions are true limited first printings, and are some of the rarest and most sought-after leather-bound books.  A Franklin Library First or Signed Edition represents the highest […]

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Folio Society Single Volume Editions

The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Paintings

The Folio Society publishes beautiful editions of some of the world’s most famous and important books.  Each book is its own work of art – with a rare attention to style and detail.  This gallery represents some of the Folio Society editions we have sold and that we have in inventory. We are posting this […]

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Folio Society Multi-Volume Sets

Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad [2 Vol Set] - Folio Society

These photos represent only a small fraction of the beautifully designed sets produced by The Folio Society over the years.  Designed with exquisite attention to detail on the covers as well as often on the slipcases, a Folio Society set makes a statement on the shelf. We are posting this page as sort of a […]

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Bayleaf on Pearl

Wine Books in Custom Book Jackets

Juniper Books worked with Bayleaf on Pearl, a specialty retailer in Boulder, Colorado, to create a number of customized cookbooks and wine books for sale, as well as to provide antique leather books for merchandising the shelves. Bayleaf ‘s store is all about beautiful and luxurious goods, mostly European design or influenced.   The idea for […]

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Academy Awards

Architectural Digest Greenroom

For the backstage Green Room at the 84th Academy Awards®, we created a library unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.  AD100 designer Waldo Fernandez brought us into the project, which is an annual Architectural Digest event.  Immediately we conceived of the idea to create a homage to film history using our custom printed book […]

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Academy Awards Green Room Sets

1977 Annie Hall Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

Here are the book sets we created for the Green Room of the 2012 Academy Awards, each individually photographed.  A few weeks ago when Waldo’s Designs asked us if we wanted to get involved with creating a library for the Architectural Digest Greenroom, I jumped at the chance and immediately pitched him the idea of […]

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Movies and Videos about Books and Booksellers

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Movies based on books are plentiful of course, but movies about books, bookstores and booksellers, in the broader sense are fewer and far between.  A few of our favorite movies and videos with book themes – [old books, rare books, bookstores, booksellers, book mysteries, etc.] are listed below.  When you’re not reading a book, these […]

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Going Big – Large Scale Custom Book Jacket Installations

George Hincapie Racer Library

One of our plans for 2012 is to work with clients to make  large scale book installations using our custom book jackets unlike anything the world has ever seen before!  But first a little background . . . Custom book covers have a lot of uses and we have worked with clients on some very […]

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Cool Book Artists and Book Art Projects

Su Blackwell Book Art

These are projects from other artists and sculptors whose work we admire for using books in creative ways.  Please enjoy the links and feel free to suggest other creative works that we have not mentioned. Thanks to thisiscollassal.com for helping us discover these first two. Cool suspended book installation in Istanbul. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hanifoto/5450655732 The Book Face […]

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Decorative Books

Juniper Books Elephant

Q. What are decorative books and who buys them? A. The answer to this question used to be simple, however I’m trying to change the definition of decorative books and also expand the market for them. There once was a time when the line between people who put books on their shelf only for decoration […]

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Holiday Party 2011

Cedar and Friends Playing in the Kids Book Fort

On December 11th we hosted our second annual Juniper Books holiday warehouse party.  We had a great turnout of friends, customers, local designers, retailers, booksellers, and various others in our local network.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  If you are in the Denver/Boulder area next December and interested in what we are doing, send me […]

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Christmas Tree of Books 2011

Christmas Tree of Shaped Books

It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition at Juniper Books – every year we build a Christmas tree constructed out of  books, but we change how it is made each year as the possibilities are truly endless.   Last year we made a 7 foot tall tree made up of about 800 green books stacked layer upon […]

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New Decorative Book Six Packs Available


After years of working primarily with interior designer on custom projects, we are starting to take some of our most popular designs and make them available directly to the public, including some for purchase on our website.  Customers, including homeowners, are always welcome to inquire directly about anything they see on our website and we […]

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Jack London Graphical Book Jackets

Earlier this year, a client called with the type of request for books that we love and excel at it – he wanted a complete collection of the works of Jack London but he also wanted us to use our imagination to create custom book jackets for the books that would make his collection unique.   […]

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Our DIY Book Mobile on Instructables.com

We recently turned some old books into a new “Book Mobile” hanging sculpture to decorate the Juniper Books warehouse.  We thought it would be fun to share instructions on this one as a DIY (do it yourself) project so we posted it to Instructables.com. http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Book-Mobile/ The editors liked our write-up and featured it on their […]

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The Book Wall

Library Corner with Book Wall

This was another idea I came up with with my kids as the inspiration, but I also took some inspiration from the architecture where we live in Boulder, Colorado. For our playroom, I wanted the kids to have a reading nook / library corner where they could read books quietly and relax.  However, being a […]

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The Book Mobile

Book Mobile Hanging Book Sculpture

I have always loved the word “bookmobile” even before I found myself the book business – the concept of a traveling library is fun and useful to society.  About a year ago I drilled some holes in books and spun them around and the first “book mobile” was born.  We have since evolved the concept […]

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Suspended Book Fixtures and Lighting

Suspended Book Fixtures by Juniper Books

Thatcher made these suspended books stacks using our custom wrapped books in linen fabric hung with steel cables from the warehouse ceiling.  The light fixtures were also conceived by Thatcher using retro Edison style bulbs and the alternating books and lights makes for a unique divider. To inquire about Thatcher’s art projects made from books […]

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Wrapped Book Towers

Book Towers

This isn’t really an art project but more of a design concept for cool ways to modify and display books, perhaps in a merchandising / retail environment. Thatcher sometimes uses the book warehouse as somewhat of an R&D lab for how to use books in new and creative ways.  The book towers are a creative […]

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Book Stairs

Book Staircase

The stairs in the Juniper Books warehouse always seemed very naked and I considered painting them or carpeting them, neither of which really would have solved the problem (or made use of the opportunity!)  Then I came up with the idea of using some of the plentiful modern fiction bestsellers I have around to make […]

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American Flag Made of Books

American Flag Made with Red White and Blue Books

Back in the Fall of 2010, Thatcher constructed an American Flag made from red, white and blue books.  This work, on shelves in the Juniper Books warehouse in Boulder, Colorado, was photographed and published in the New York Times article Selling a Book By Its Cover. To inquire about Thatcher’s art projects made from books […]

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Thatcher Makes a Creative Hanukah Menorah from Books

I’m always thinking of creative things to do with books – whether it’s building book collections on specific themes, printing cool graphics on book jackets, or re-purposing old books into something new.  The Book Menorah concept is something that just hit me one day – the basic structure of a menorah (8 candle holders at […]

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