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From Book Wrapping to Rebinding

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Custom Literary Classics Set of 10-Multicolor

One of the things we do at Juniper Books that is different from any other book seller in the world is that we can help with just about any book project – from requests for a lot of books in a particular style at a low cost per book, to projects involving one very special book and a much generous budget per book.

About 11 years ago I started selling rare books online – first from my own collection and then books that I went out and acquired from estate sales and auctions.  Occasionally I would  come across a rare book in terrible shape so I started developing relationships with bookbinders.  Bookbinding is expensive and time consuming – when executed skillfully, the results are beautiful and last forever.  Juniper Books helps clients with bookbinding projects – both in leather and cloth, and we also work on custom boxes and cases for books and other printed material.  However given the cost of bookbinding, it is not for everyone or every project.

Custom Pulitzer Bindings

Custom Pulitzer Bindings

The custom book bindings are generally for clients who have one special book (e.g., a Family Bible, a sentimental or rare book) and wish to preserve it in an attractive new binding.  We also create special gift editions for clients that might be a cherished classic, or could be a commemorative book for a specific project (e.g., a thesis, a recently completed design/architecture project, etc.)  We work with clients closely to design each binding exactly to their preferences – this includes leather and bookcloth colors, title and detail design.

At the other end of the cost and time spectrum are our wrapped books.   Whereas a custom binding might take 3-6 weeks and costs a few hundred dollars, we can make hundreds of wrapped books in a day at a very small cost per book.  We have been working with designers, architects, developers and visual merchandisers for years to provide them with books in the exact color and texture of their choice.  Our book wrappings are generally paper jackets that we measure and cut precisely then apply to each book, in some cases they are fabric.

Linen and Kraft Paper Wrapped

Linen and Kraft Paper Wrapped

While some have copied our work, what cannot be duplicated is the attention to detail we provide to each project, the quality of our materials and our excellent customer service.  We offer customers an infinite number of color choices – we stock dozens of colors and I personally test a lot more papers around the year to assess their suitability for wrapping books.  We do this so that we are always ready when someone calls with a rush order – such as a visual merchandiser who needs to put 50 gold books in 100 store windows by Christmas!  Or a spa in Miami about to hold their grand opening and they need a couple thousand white books.  Or a video game company launching a new product and they need a few hundred books in their corporate color to stage a mock home.

If a customer needs books screened for content we do that as well – for example a conservative hotel chain that does not want romance novels in their lobbies . . .

In 2010, I introduced custom printed book jackets into the market and we are the only company that provides them.  The idea was to take book wrapping to a whole new level, especially for residential home customers.  The idea is that you can have the books you want (ie literary classics, or Civil War histories) and get the color / style that matches your interior.  We measure each book then custom print the titles on each jacket so they fit perfectly – we can design them to look like antique leather books or bright modern colors and just about everything in between.

Make Your Own Book Set - Rainbow

Make Your Own Book Set – Rainbow

Some of our custom book jacket sets are available in our online store, however 99% of what we sell is custom made and so it is best to call or e-mail us about your project.

So, whether you have a project that calls for rebinding one book, or a need for several thousand books, Juniper Books can help!




Facebooks Go Public

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Mark Zuckerberg Face Book - Juniper Books

Congratulations to Facebook and all the Facebook employees and investors out there!  Call me if you need help with your library!

Or I can help you perhaps with a special gift for your favorite chief executive – History of the Hoodie anyone?  Instead of a book jacket, the book comes with a book hoodie.  (Perhaps I should trademark that, along with the Rick Santorum Book Sweater Vest.)   And for every person that orders “Hoodies in History” I will customize it slightly so that no two are alike!  (Note that this book does not really exist yet, but that has never stopped me from bringing a book to life!)

In all seriousness – something that sort of does exist, but is in it’s infancy are my “Face Book Jackets.”  They are printed book jackets that you wrap around your own books, and they have a picture of you on them – a literal Face Book.  Get it?

I have to give credit where credit is due – my father, Barry Wine, encouraged me to make these and so the very first face book jacket I made was for him.

Barry Wine Face Book - Juniper Books

Barry Wine Face Book

Then Mark Zuckerberg came next . . .

Mark Zuckerberg Face Book - Juniper Books

Mark Zuckerberg Face Book

Then Steve Jobs . . .

Steve Jobs Face Book - Juniper Books

Steve Jobs Face Book

Then I made myself a SET of face book jackets to be my facebook profile picture . . .

Thatcher Wine Face Book - Juniper Books

Thatcher Wine Face Book

I’m happy to make anyone a single face book jacket that wants one – just send me a high resolution picture and one share of FB stock.  We also accept credit cards, paypal or good old fashioned checks.  Pricing for the jackets has not really been set yet – I’m waiting for JP Morgan to get back to me – however your indication of the strength of demand for vanity facebook jackets (or hoodies) would be greatly appreciated!

I can also make you a multi-volume SET of books with your picture across the spines (like me)- just tell me how big you want it to be and we will work out the logistics and the price.  Want a 15 foot high installation of literary classics with your picture on the spines, no problem, give me a call.

Thatcher Wine Face Book Display

Thatcher Wine Face Book Display

Whatever size you order, your personalized facebooks will put you in some pretty serious company . . .

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Barry Wine

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Barry Wine

And it can be your own individual way to “go public” with face books.



Thatcher Wine





Images Across Multiple Books

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Ski Colorado Stack

We invented custom designed and printed book jackets for a variety of reasons, but turning book spines into a canvas with unlimited possibilities was definitely one of them. The elephant image, one of our first creations which was inspired by an antique engraving, was made semi-famous by the New York Times article Selling a Book by Its Cover in January 2011.

Since then we have gone on to design and print a number of cool graphical images across book spines that turn bookshelves into art – the projects shown here are just the tip of the iceberg. Example of some of the innovative designs we can custom print across book spines. The elephant series uses an antique engraving on the spines, this set is for sale as a product in our online store.

Customers may supply images for us to print, or we can create them. The underlying books used in this series are generally “filler” books, but we can also coordinate the books with the jacket designs, please inquire for possibilities. Our Jack London project shows the possibilities of building a real book collection and designing jackets around and inspired by the content of the books.

See also our post regarding the custom jacket library we created for the Green Room of the 2012 Academy Awards® using images of classic film scenes across the books.  Also our write up of some of our larger projects where the installations are getting larger and more creative – Going Big – Large Scale Custom Book Jacket Installations.

We  love working on custom book jacket projects for clients.  Truly anything is possible, so please feel free to contact thatcher@juniperbooks.com, call 303-946-1494 or use the form below.

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Press Coverage of the Green Room

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Maria Menounos interviews Kelly Ripa in the Green Room

We were thrilled to be a part of the Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 84th Academy Awards® designed by Waldo Fernandez.   The bookshelves are very much the physical center of the room and a very unique feature that no one has ever seen before – so they definitely will make an impression on anyone who sees them in person.

Below are links to several short videos including an interview with Kelly Ripa in front of the books, click image to play.

Maria Menounos interviews Kelly Ripa in the Green Room

Maria Menounos interviews Kelly Ripa in the Green Room

On Oscars® pre-show “Oscar’s Red Carpet Live” on ABC Jess Cagle made a very quick walk out from the Green Room and our books are visible on the left.

Jess Cagle ABC Red Carpet Live in the Green Room

Jess Cagle ABC Red Carpet Live in the Green Room

WXYZ-ABC Detroit Interview with Waldo Fernandez

WXYZ-ABC Detroit Interview with Waldo Fernandez

Entertainment Tonight Green Room

Entertainment Tonight Green Room

Architectural Digest

Official Architectural Digest Greenroom Photo

Link to All Architectural Digest Coverage

Fine Books & Collections

Fine Books & Collections Magazine Blog

Fine Books & Collections Magazine Blog


Oscars Green Room

Oscars Green Room


Academy Awards Green Room

Academy Awards Green Room

Associated Press

Yahoo! News
USA Today
Wonderall MSN
Yahoo! OMG!
Boston Globe:
Chicago Tribune
Daily Reporter
San Jose Mercury News
The Nevada Appeal
Times Union
York Daily Record
The Aspen Business Journal
WNYT.com News Channel 13 (Albany, NY)
Cox Communications
Mainichi Daily News

Also see our related posts:

Academy Awards Green Room Book Sets

Juniper Books Green Room Video

Academy Awards Green Room Video

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Elizabeth Taylor Close Up Books

The Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Academy Awards this weekend looks pretty spectacular.  Since not everyone can be a presenter, award winner, or otherwise get backstage to see the room and the library we custom designed for the event, I made a short video highlighting our custom book jacket creations.  The video plays on the creative round trip we conceptualized of film onto books and books into film.  Enjoy . . .

We are working on adding more photos and video of this project today so stay tuned.  If anyone captures any footage on TV showing the room and our books, I’d love to hear about it!



Oscars Green Room Unveiled

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Juniper Books Library for the Academy Awards Greenroom

The 2012 Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 84th Academy Awards® designed by Waldo Fernandez, with a library by Juniper Books, has been officially unveiled!  Today the media had tours of the room – a number of articles will start to appear tomorrow, plus various TV coverage throughout the weekend and the event itself on Sunday February 26, 2012.

Juniper Books Library in the Architectural Digest Academy Awards Greenroom

Juniper Books Library in the Architectural Digest Academy Awards Greenroom

The library we created for the Green Room is very much a tribute to the history of film and the 8 decades of the Academy Awards®.  It is also unlike anything anyone has ever seen before with books, thanks to custom book jackets and the great progress we have made over the past couple years designing and printing unique libraries.

Juniper Books Library for the Academy Awards Greenroom

Juniper Books Library for the Academy Awards Greenroom

Many hours were spent choosing film stills from the archives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.  Then weeks were dedicated to diligently laying out and printing the images, so that when wrapped around books, the sets make up one scene.  The idea was to capture the spirit of the movies in a way that has never been done before.  The presenters, award winners, and other visitors to the room may only have a few minutes to relax and enjoy – the books give them something to look at, and perhaps be inspired by.

Other suppliers of fine furnishings and artwork for the Architectural Digest Greenroom include Questroyal Fine Art, Caesarstone, Samsung, HP, Schumacher, Feizy Rugs, California Classics Reserve Collection Flooring, Giati Designs, Pollaro Custom Furniture, Nicholas Mongiardo Studio, John Carpenter / Young Projects Gallery, and Donald Kaufman Color.

It’s been a long day here in LA – so I’ll leave it there for now.  More news and photos to follow.



Going Big – Large Scale Custom Book Jacket Installations

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George Hincapie Racer Library

One of our plans for 2012 is to work with clients to make  large scale book installations using our custom book jackets unlike anything the world has ever seen before!  But first a little background . . .

Custom book covers have a lot of uses and we have worked with clients on some very beautiful projects over the past couple years since introducing them.  The basic idea for custom book covers (aka custom book jackets) is to quickly change the look of a book without the time and expense of rebinding it AND be able to achieve any color and style desired.

Some clients have had us personalize their book collection with modern / contemporary jackets, others have opted for a classical look using leather or vellum designs.  In 2011, we designed, printed and shipped our custom creations to clients all over the US and Canada, Europe and Asia.  We supplied approximately 1,000 of our vellum wrapped books to Darren Henault Interiors for his show house design at the Rumson Stately Homes-by-the-Sea. Other jacket related highlights of 2011 included having our elephant set appear in the New York Times, our vellum style jackets mentioned in Veranda, and also a couple of projects for yacht libraries that were incredibly fun and unique to work on but for very private clients so we can’t disclose much else about them!

Now back to the large scale designs – the concept for these is straightforward – turning book spines into a canvas for personal expression.  Push the books together and they make up a single unified design and that design can be anything.  We have a patent pending on this multiple book cover creation system.

This product/service has both home and commercial applications.

  • Home libraries can be modernized, shelves turned into art displays, with book titles integrated into the jacket designs if desired –  we can make book jackets out of  photos, paintings, illustrations, engravings, maps, other artwork, typography and text designs, etc.
  • Hotels, restaurants and retailers can have book displays with corporate logos, product photos, nature images, or just about anything else.

Here are a few of our recent creations:

Giant Book Elephant

Giant Book Elephant

George Hincapie Racer Library

George Hincapie Bike Racer Library

Medieval Knight Books

Medieval Knight Books

Ridley Bike on Book Jackets

Ridley Road Bike

Bookcase Biker

Bookcase Biker

As one can imagine, some very cool installations can be created for homes, galleries, retail stores, trade show booths, showrooms, hotels, spas, restaurants, and so on!

If you have an interest in learning more about this type of work, please contact thatcher@juniperbooks.com or call 303-946-1494.  We are always interested in working with designers, architects, visual merchandisers and private clients who want to do something creative and unique with books.  We look forward to working with you.



Cool Book Artists and Book Art Projects

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Su Blackwell Book Art

These are projects from other artists and sculptors whose work we admire for using books in creative ways.  Please enjoy the links and feel free to suggest other creative works that we have not mentioned.

Thanks to thisiscollassal.com for helping us discover these first two.

  • Cool suspended book installation in Istanbul.


Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Istanbul Modern Art Museum

  • The Book Face
Numa Book Face

Numa Book Face

  • The Work of Brian Dettmer – very intricate, detailed, complex sculptures carved out of books – you have to see these to believe them.
Brian Dettmer Work
  • The Work of Su Blackwell – magical creations bringing books to life in different forms



Book Sphere

Book Sphere

– Thatcher


Decorative Books

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Juniper Books Elephant

Q. What are decorative books and who buys them?

A. The answer to this question used to be simple, however I’m trying to change the definition of decorative books and also expand the market for them.

There once was a time when the line between people who put books on their shelf only for decoration with no intention of ever reading them or even caring what their titles were on one side and the true readers who would never think of buying a book for its cover were on the other side.  However, since I founded Juniper Books 10 years ago, what I have been trying to do is make all books, book collections, and libraries more visually appealing and integrated into their surroundings.

The results have been pretty successful I think.  Perhaps it has something to do with the evolution of the e-book market and the increasingly recognized trend among publishers and the media that you have to give the consumer more reasons to own a printed book.  For more on this see Selling a Book by Its Cover and also Selling Books by Their Gilded Covers, both articles in the New York Times.

My approach is to provide beautiful decorative books that are exactly what a homeowner wants to have on their shelves with respect to their content.  Sometimes this is achieved by curating a collection of books by author, or by binding type or both, and sometimes it is achieved by curating these collections AND making custom book jackets for the books.

Consider for example these various styles of books and book collections with varying levels of decoration:

Juniper Books Custom Wrapped White Books

Solid Wrapped Books


Juniper Books Custom wrapped Rainbow

Custom Wrapped Rainbow of Colors

William Faulkner book collection

William Faulkner Hardcovers

William Faulkner First Edition Library Book Facsimile Collection

William Faulkner First Edition Library Book Facsimiles Collection

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Modern Leather Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen Pink Leather Set Juniper Books

Jane Austen Pink Leather

Antique Vellum Selection from Juniper Books

Antique Vellum Books

Literary Classics

Vellum Custom Book Jackets

Juniper Books Elephant

Juniper Books Elephant

Read Me Literary Classics

Read Me Literary Classics

Literary Classics 8 Book Set from Juniper Books

Literary Classics 8 Book Set

So, as you can see decorative books are not what they used to be and they are appealing to many more people than ever before.  Juniper Books is decorative books much more decorative, but also much more useful, readable, and collectible.  We have done everything in the world of decorative books from making the cover-less book bundles for Pottery Barn to designing unique collections in our custom book covers for several of the world’s finest homes, yachts and hotels (a big range I know but it illustrates how we work with all customers love books and love the look of books).

Coverless Book Bundle

Coverless Book Bundle

Gwyneth Paltrow featured some of our books in GOOP this year, as did Elle.com, and a huge variety of websites and media.  We are hearing from interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners every week how they love discovering our book products and services and how they are unlike anything they have seen before – I think that’s saying a lot for a medium that’s been around for 500 years!

Oh, and did I mention that we are just getting started?  Look for some incredibly creative new ideas in the world of decorative books in 2012 . . .







Christmas Tree of Books 2011

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Christmas Tree of Shaped Books

It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition at Juniper Books – every year we build a Christmas tree constructed out of  books, but we change how it is made each year as the possibilities are truly endless.   Last year we made a 7 foot tall tree made up of about 800 green books stacked layer upon layer.  This year we made a more subtle creation – a tree made up entirely of olive green law books, some of which we carved form the tree’s branches.

Before anyone gets upset about cutting books we should explain a couple things – first of all we re-purposed about 10,000 law books this year this year that law firms and law libraries no longer needed as their content has all been digitized.  Thousands of these very nice substantial matching books went to retailers and designers for decoration and visual merchandising, and hundreds more we have used many for Juniper Books’ custom  jacket creations such as our Elephant Six-Pack.  So, cutting, chopping, carving or drilling through a few books that we know are plentiful and may face worse fates if we don’t do something creative with them makes perfect sense to us!  We won’t be dismembering a first edition of Pride and Prejudice anytime soon, don’t worry.

The tree is about 8 feet tall on 7 shelves, plus the star.  Christmas ornaments dangle from the page edges – we shaped them to hold the ornaments – a very organic and 100% natural approach.  Christmas lights are wrapped around the tree so it glows beautifully.

The tree was the centerpiece of our holiday party this past weekend where we invited numerous friends, customers, suppliers, designers and others to celebrate the holiday season and browse our warehouse for various book gifts to buy for their friends and family. Thanks to everyone who attended and complimented us on the tree.  There were a number of lawyers in attendance (my wife is a law professor) and they all got a kick out of the creative use of law books.

Technical questions: 30 books were used in the creation of the tree, of which 24 had to be cut in some way to create the tree.  While we originally considered gluing the parts together or constructing supports to hold the books up, we did not end up doing so as the law books are substantial enough to support themselves, even after being cut.

Happy holidays to you and yours, I wish you the best for the holiday season and a happy healthy 2012!



Our DIY Book Mobile on Instructables.com

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We recently turned some old books into a new “Book Mobile” hanging sculpture to decorate the Juniper Books warehouse.  We thought it would be fun to share instructions on this one as a DIY (do it yourself) project so we posted it to Instructables.com.


The editors liked our write-up and featured it on their homepage.

Yes, we admit that some books were harmed in the process of making The Book Mobile – but in keeping with our theory that more books in the world and more books in the house (or warehouse) are good for the world, it doesn’t really matter if they are being read or can be read, we like to think of new ways to keep them around as inspiration.   The Victorian books used for the project are so gorgeous and yet there are only so many bookshelves to put them on that I’m constantly inventing new ways to display them – stay tuned for more on this thought!


Juniper Books Book Mobile Sculpture

Juniper Books Book Mobile Sculpture


The Book Mobile

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I have always loved the word “bookmobile” even before I found myself the book business – the concept of a traveling library is fun and useful to society.  About a year ago I drilled some holes in books and spun them around and the first “book mobile” was born.  We have since evolved the concept to become a much more balanced and decorative item – it is very fun, but hardly as useful to society as the bookmobile that drives around and brings books to the world!

Thanks to Alexander Calder for some inspiration on this, and thanks to Zac for perfecting the production and balancing act required for the new book mobile.

This project is current on Instructables.com with complete DIY instructions.  The editors of Instructables apparently liked our concept and featured the project on their homepage!


Juniper Books Goes to China!

Posted on June 23, 2011 by - Blog, Press and News

Bund Pictorial Article on Juniper Books

Bund Pictorial Article on Juniper Books

We’ve been fortunate this year to have a couple stories written about our business in Chinese publications.  I have yet to see a flood of orders from Chinese customers looking to build a library of leather bound books, or a curated library of literary classics for their shelves in Shanghai (or Dubai, or New York, or Vancouver – we ship anywhere) but I’m sure they are coming.

One of the results of the January 6th New York Times article about my business and the creative things I am doing with books, is that I have received orders from around the world from as well as interest from various publications in Italy, Australia, China and other countries.  It has been incredibly fun talking with everyone and I really appreciate how interested everyone is in the future of the book, how better book collections can be built and how books overall can be better integrated with design.

An article appeared in the Shanghai Daily on May 8, 2011 entitled “Made-to-order libraries”.  It is currently behind their subscribers wall but I can send it to anyone who requests it.

Then earlier this year, an article appeared in the Bund Pictorial, in Mandarin – this one can be found through this link:


Here is a link to a Google translated version of the site.  Note: it does not translate well but it is a hoot to read.  “Thatcher temperature” ???   I wish I could read it in Chinese.


And here is my original Q&A correspondence with Florence.

1  Can you share with us your first custom library design experience? Is it successful?

I started selling rare books in 2001 as a part time occupation.  In 2005, someone asked me to help them put together a collection of 4,000 books for their new home.  I interviewed the family  about their interests, hobbies, occupations, what sports they liked, who were their heroes, favorite authors, and many other things.  Then I built the book collection from their perspective – what would I buy and display on my shelves if I were them.  It was very successful and I have kept the same approach – paying attention to all the details and making the library look like it has been built one book at a time over the years.

2  How and why did you become a custom library designer? How did your former professional experiences help you in your new career?

The business of becoming a custom library designer has been an evolution and it was not something I set out to do.   I started selling rare books because it was fun and educational in that I learned something from every book I handled.  Previously I did a few entrepreneurial things – helping companies develop their Internet strategies and go online, and then I started a company that built online customer service solutions.  Those careers didn’t have much to do with books or design, but they did teach me a lot about having the patience to find and build a unique business instead of trying to create it overnight, listening to your customers and evolving to meet a market need, and enjoying your work so that it never seems like work.

3  Your profession needs you to have a comprehensive and profound understanding of books of different sectors and areas. Do you like reading and how did you get to enrich your knowledge about books in your work?

Yes I love reading, but more than that I love learning about history and authors, and various subjects I’m less familiar with.   So, when a client comes to me and asks me to build a collection of the complete works of a particular author or to put together some books about a subject, I really enjoy the process of learning as I work on their requests.  I don’t present myself as an expert in every subject or every author, but I do learn things quickly and figure out who are the specialist booksellers who can help me with various requests.  I have a lot of experience with so many varied requests that nothing really scares me and I can generally figure out how to build a book collection around any theme.

4  Book collection used to be your hobby, but now it’s your job. How a book collection as your work is different from that as your hobby?

It’s not very different, except that I’m a lot busier.  I think a lot of people have hobbies that they would love to turn into a a job, but very few people do it.  The reality is if you enjoy something as a hobby and you have a unique approach to it, then many times it will succeed as a business.

5  Where and how do you buy your books? Do you have a frequented bookstore or some particular book dealer partners?

I buy books from a lot of different sources.  When I can I visit the bookstores where I live in Boulder and Denver Colorado such as Red Letter Books or Gallagher Books.  I have some “book scouts” who bring me books that they know I can use.  I buy out estates and sometimes entire bookstores when they close.  I often find the books I need on ebay, amazon or abebooks.  I receive inquiries from all over the US of people with book collections they would like to sell, so I buy those remotely.  For specific requests, such as an Agatha Christie first edition, I know the dealers who have the best inventory, sometimes they are online and sometimes they are not.

6  Can you tell us something about your clients, including the hotels and design agencies? What kind  of people your individual clients are? Why do they want to spend a lot of money to have a their own custom library?

Having a library assembled for you is not for everyone, but when a homeowner or designer wants to fill a lot of shelves and have it look great, they call me.  My clients usually are building a new home, or a second home, and they simply do not have the time to go out and buy the books one by one, and they know that if I help them, the books will make sense as a coherent collection, look great on the shelves, they know I will save them tons of time and I will probably save them money too.  A design firm like Cullman & Kravis in New York has engaged my services many times for their clients as they know it’s a very special service I provide and that I will deliver the books on time, on budget, and they will generally exceed expectations.  The commercial projects are generally collaborations with designers such as with Theresa Fatino on the W Hollywood Residences Lobby where she had a vision for the design and I helped her fulfill that with some very special handpicked vellum books and custom wrapped volumes in neutral papers and fabrics.

7  How do your individual clients’ aesthetic in library design change? In other words, what’s the trend of books and their cover design?

I’m seeing a huge interest in light colored books – it’s related to people wanting to use light and neutral tones to make spaces feel bigger and brighter.  As it relates to the books, this means a lot of antique vellum books, neutral colored sets, white wrapped books and custom printed book covers with the primary color being white.  I’m also seeing a renewed interest in literary classics.  I think this reflects somewhat of a trend of “back to basics” – people reading the classics, or at the very least being surrounded by them and having the option of reading them.  Many clients tell me they want their children to see the classics on their shelves as they grow up, at least be familiar with the authors and titles and and hopefully be inspired to read them.

8  Can you share with us the design of your own library?

The books in my home include a little bit of everything that I sell.  In my office I have collections of some of my favorite authors – Mark Twain, J.D. Salinger, Nick Hornby – in various editions and bindings – first editions in dustjackets, signed copies, leather bindings, Easton Press editions, etc.  I also have collections of Colorado history, reference books on Navajo rugs,  and books related to my alma mater Dartmouth College.  In my living room, I have books chosen both for their color and their content – the selection includes books in green, brown and gold decorative cloth and leather bindings by Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens and Alexandre Dumas.  In my kitchen I have some cookbooks in my custom printed book jackets and for my kids I also have childrens books in custom printed book covers.

9  What kinds of books do your clients tend to decorate their residential or hotel library? Do you agree with the concept that “books’ decorative function will be stronger than their reading function in the future” ? Why?

This varies so much from client to client and that is what my business is all about.  I don’t have a speciality in a particular type of books or a single design aesthetic – my business is about customizing book collections so that they contain the books my clients want and look look like they want.  So, my clients libraries range from classical looking collections of antique leather books to ultra-modern walls of color books.  Yoo Design by Philippe Starck is all about white books whereas the collection I built for the Four Seasons Residences in Austin, Texas is all about high quality handpicked literature, history and other subjects.  Books are very personal, even when used as decorative objects in a hotel lobby for example.  They evoke something beyond the here and now, they convey a sense of history and intelligence both through their titles and contents but also as objects that are more than a rectangular shape even if covered up in a solid color book jacket.  I think there will always be printed books and there will always be a market for them.  However, as electronic books become better and more popular, the books in many homes will yes, be used primarily as decorative objects and accessories.

10 Before collecting books for your clients, what kind of research and analyse you usually do as preparation work? Generally, how long does it take for your to design a library from the beginning to the end?

It varies substantially depending on how complicated the project is.  For example we are making 4,000 white books for client right now and will complete that project in less than 2 weeks.  On the other hand we spent about 12 months building a collection of 2,000 antique leather and vellum books – it took that long because the books were rare, we had to source them a few books at a time, and the client was very discriminating about which books were acceptable to him.  I’d say most projects can be completed in 3-5 weeks or less.  The research and analysis before a project begins also varies.  If it is something we have done before, I can very quickly quote a price and get started.  If it is something new, like assembling a collection by an obscure author or subject, it takes a few days of book searching and possibly conversations with some of my book sources, to then quote a price and move forward.

11 Can you tell us the most impressive experience of collecting books for your clients? The most expensive book? A client with the most weird requirement of his or her book collection?

Nearly all of my business is hardcovers and leather books, but I had a request recently from a client to build a collection of well worn paperbacks by a particular author who was coming to visit my client in a couple weeks and she wanted it to look like she had read all the books!  For another client, they wanted all the books in a room to coordinate with the color of a light fixture, so they sent me the color swatch and I made new jackets for the books that matched it exactly.  Most of my business these days is not about super expensive rare books, but about building entire libraries and so looking at the cost of a full collection and not the individual price of the books.  That being said, I do have a number of clients for whom spending $1000 on a rare first edition of P.G. Wodehouse or $4500 on a signed limited edition Easton Press book is what I help them with.

12 Do you define yourself as a artist or a businessman? Why? Do you have a design credo of yourself?

Good question, I see myself as a craftsman working in the medium of books and libraries.  The work is so customized for every client that it requires a lot of specialized skills and attention to detail.   My credo is not a simple one liner.  Basically, I think that for too long people have accepted books as they are, I believe that everyone should be able to have the books they want and to have them look great, if they don’t exist in the world that way, they should be modified so they look exactly the way you want them to look.  This is the age of customization and personalization, there is nothing sacred about books that prevents them from being customized and personalized while everything else in the world is.

13 How many residential and commercial library do you have designed? Do you have and new plans for your future?

I don’t keep an exact count, but I’d say I have worked on several hundred projects that range from finding one special book for a client to building entire libraries.  The plans for the future are to continue doing innovative things with books.  I feel like I am just getting started on all the creative ideas for changing the look of books and how they are used.

14 The elephant image formed by several books is designed according to the requirement of your client for their custom library or ….?

I created the elephant for my own shelves.  I found the original image in an old book from the 1760s and loved it.  It was buried in an old book so I decided to liberate it and put it on the outside of the books.  I will be doing a lot more of this in the future as I have a lot of illustrations that I love as well as original artwork to work from.

Thatcher Wine

Juniper Books

Boulder, CO

Airan Kang Art Mixed with Custom Book Jackets

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Recently my friends at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York City loaned me a few of Airan Kang’s book sculptures for a few weeks.  I’m a big supporter of all things creative having to do with books in this world – from publishing attractive books to manipulating books in to art, or manipulating art into books!  Thus, the Korean artist Airan Kang’s work fits right into my interests.

In the Juniper Books studio, we took the opportunity to design and print some new book jackets to hang with the electric book art and I also “curated” a few mini book collections for the photos.   Airan’s work changes colors (I should have shot some video – sorry) so these photos don’t quite show off how dynamic the pieces are.  What I like about these works of art is that they can really modernize the bookshelf and make it hip and fluid.  With all the talk of e-books, these really are electronic books.

One concept we had was to mix the old and the new using one of Airan’s works – Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Stories – mixed with an antique set of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Another uses our custom printed silver book jackets to a nice effect with a couple of the electric books.

Perhaps my favorite arrangement is the electrical storm dustjackets we made that appear to relay the electricity conveyed by some vintage bookends I found through to power the book in the center.

These book sculptures of Airan Kang’s are available from the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York and I thank Bryce and Meredith for sharing the artwork with us.  The artist has made several hundred other works and also accepts commissions in this style for favorite authors and titles.

Thanks to all the artists, galleries and publishers out there doing creative work keeping the book alive and well in all its forms in 2011!


Thatcher Wine Face Book Jackets – Check them out!

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We have been playing around with printing various photo based book jackets for a while.  As most of you know, I believe anything is possible when it comes to how books look – we can make custom book covers that change the appearance of any book, or turn the spines into an art / photo canvas.  These printed face books with my portrait (vain perhaps, but ones of my clients were not approved for release yet!) could make a cool gift, covers for your journals, etc. (I have about 46 other ideas for them, but I’m not going to post them just yet.)  Feel free to contact me to make a stack for you – the higher the resolution photo the better . . .

Thatcher Wine



New York Times Article Featured and Discussed on Other Sites

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Thatcher Wine in the Juniper Books Warehouse

Thatcher Wine in the Juniper Books Warehouse

Since The New York Times article came out a week ago, I’ve gotten hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from friends, designers, homeowners, booksellers, bookbinders, graphic artists, potential employees, general fans, and lots of others!  I’m very flattered and have tried to answer every one of them quickly.  The article was also widely discussed on twitter, facebook, and a number of other sites, a few of which I have listed below.  Thanks again to all my friends new and old for your support.  I love what I do and I’m happy that see that others enjoy it too.

FYI, I have been busy filling new orders and creating some new jackets – will try to post some more photos next week of the latest creations.

– Thatcher Wine

New York Times original article




Casa Sugar


The Huffington Post


Ragland Hill Social




Pittsburgh Post-Gazette





Thatcher Makes Art from Books

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I love books and get to work with them all day long.  When I have a few minutes between working on a client’s library or decorative book project, I try to execute some of the ideas I have dreamed up for using books in new and creative ways.  I have posted a few of my recent projects here and there will be more in the future (I have a notebook with about 350 ideas so far!!!)   If there are any book lovers who would like to commission a project or buy a customized version of one of these works, please contact me.

Book Staircase

This first project shown above was in my head for a long long time as the boring staircase in the warehouse always bothered me.  I considered painting the stairs, or carpeting them, but then came up with the idea of constructing book panels for the risers.  They are only 1″ deep, and yes, I had to chop the books to make the panels.  However, these are plentiful bestsellers and I don’t think anyone will miss them.  The result is colorful, fun, and exudes literary abundance – so many books in the warehouse they are stuffed under the stairs!

American Flag Made with Red White and Blue Books
American Flag of Books

In the warehouse I have a wall full of white and neutral colored books as that is one of the most popular requests I receive – I wanted to create something on that wall that popped out from the lighter tones and came up with the idea of an American flag made from books.

Books Make up a Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree of Books

The Christmas tree of books was a huge hit for our holiday party at the warehouse.  It was constructed of nearly 800 books with a custom made base on casters and a lighting system designed to emanate light from the books!

Hanging Books and Lights

Suspended Books and Lights

The suspended books interspersed with retro Edison light bulb fixtures is just the first of many projects to come like this.  The concept was to create a cool looking divider along our balcony.  The books used are custom wrapped in neutral linen fabric, then tied together and suspended with steel cables.

Book Towers

Book Towers

The book towers are just one concept I cooked up  in the Juniper Books R&D lab for innovative ways to display and use books – I wouldn’t do this with a home library, but it would be fun for merchandising in a store.

So, that’s the beginning of the art from books project available for public viewing,  I’m always working on more ideas for how to use books and book parts in new ways – so stay tuned for more . . .


Juniper Books Holiday Party 2010

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On Sunday December 12, we invited a few friends, family, neighbors, customers, and suppliers to our warehouse for our first annual holiday party!  The turnout was great, the food delicious, and it was a lot of fun for everyone.  My kids had a great time hosting their friends while their parents browsed the warehouse. There were lots of fun things to see around the warehouse – from our Christmas tree made of books, The Book Menorah, the American flag made of books, Thatcher’s suspended books and light fixtures, a wall of vellum books, Thatcher’s book stairs, and thousands of books to browse . . .

Thanks to everyone who attended!  And special thanks to Mary and Matthew for helping get everything ready and managing the event.

Thatcher Makes a Creative Hanukah Menorah from Books

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I’m always thinking of creative things to do with books – whether it’s building book collections on specific themes, printing cool graphics on book jackets, or re-purposing old books into something new.  The Book Menorah concept is something that just hit me one day – the basic structure of a menorah (8 candle holders at one level with 1 candle at a slightly higher level) lends itself perfectly to being re-built with books that can be assembled in similar sizes.

Menorahs are for celebrating Hanukah, the festival of lights that commemorates the ancient miracle wherein the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and they only found enough oil to burn for one day, but it lasted for 8 days!

I grew up in New York City and we had this beautiful family menorah that we lit every night for eight nights during the festival of Hanukah each year.  So, this is what I have always assumed a menorah should look like.

Classic Traditional Hanukah Menorah

But the family menorah can only be in one place at one time and so right it lives at my mother’s house in upstate New York, a few thousand miles away from me in Boulder, Colorado.   So my idea was to combine an image of my family menorah with the custom printed book jackets that I have been making and create the first ever Book Menorah!

I built a few prototypes first just to play with the concept of using books for the structure and candle holders and these turned out to be quite interesting and creative in their own right.  The first one I made built on the concept of vintage book bundles – these are old books with their covers removed, giving a nice neutral vintage paper look.

menorah made from vintage books by Thatcher Wine

Vintage Book Bundle Menorah

From there I went on to play with the concept of re-purposing an antique leather book into a menorah.  I used a damaged book and drilled the candle holes into the book through the cover this time instead of top down into the text block.

antique leather book repurposed into book menorah by Thatcher WineAntique Leather Book Menorah

I thought these two menorahs were great – a cool creative re-purposing of old books and a neat menorahs for a bookseller to have!  They are as you can imagine, highly flammable though, so I had the fire extinguisher nearby when I shot these photos.

My next step before making the final version using the custom printed book jackets and the family menorah was to call one of my clients – the prop master for a Broadway theatre company – and ask him about applying fire retardant to books.  He recommended a product and I purchased it – it’s the same stuff that is required by some states to be applied to all props in public theaters, so it’s good stuff.  That being said, I am a professional and do not try this at home!

Creative Menorah made from Books with Custom Printed Book Jackets

The Book Menorah

This is the finished product.  My sister Winifred Abramson took the photo of the menorah in New York and e-mailed it to me.  I picked out some random books from our inventory – the titles will never be seen and I didn’t want to use any good books as they now have big holes in them.  The photo required some manipulation in photoshop to get the image to fit the books exactly – sometimes I start with the books and sometimes I start with the jackets when custom printing book jackets for clients.

Hankuah Menorah Made from Books by Thatcher Wine

Hanukah Book Menorah

Personally I think I ended up with an incredibly beautiful menorah that has a lot of family history with my own added artistic interpretation!  The Hanukah menorah has always been an object that has inspired a lot of creativity from artists, sculptors and others.  If you look for menorahs you will see a lot of fun ideas and designs.  I’m happy to be able to add my own contribution to the mix.

The Book Menorah is not presently for sale, but if you are interested in more information or buying one either as an art piece or a product in the future, please feel free to contact me.  Of course you can feel free to contact me with just about any request for books – in their traditional format, or more creative concepts.

Happy Hanukah everyone!

Hanukah Menorah Made from old books

Hanukah Menorah Made from old books