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From Book Wrapping to Rebinding

Make Your Own Book Set - Rainbow

One of the things we do at Juniper Books that is different from any other book seller in the world is that we can help with just about any book project – from requests for a lot of books in a particular style at a low cost per book, to projects involving one very special […]

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Facebooks Go Public

Mark Zuckerberg Face Book - Juniper Books

Congratulations to Facebook and all the Facebook employees and investors out there!  Call me if you need help with your library! Or I can help you perhaps with a special gift for your favorite chief executive – History of the Hoodie anyone?  Instead of a book jacket, the book comes with a book hoodie.  (Perhaps […]

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Images Across Multiple Books

Ski Colorado Stack

We invented custom designed and printed book jackets for a variety of reasons, but turning book spines into a canvas with unlimited possibilities was definitely one of them. The elephant image, one of our first creations which was inspired by an antique engraving, was made semi-famous by the New York Times article Selling a Book […]

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Press Coverage of the Green Room

Maria Menounos interviews Kelly Ripa in the Green Room

We were thrilled to be a part of the Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 84th Academy Awards® designed by Waldo Fernandez.   The bookshelves are very much the physical center of the room and a very unique feature that no one has ever seen before – so they definitely will make an impression on anyone who […]

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Academy Awards Green Room Video

Elizabeth Taylor Close Up Books

The Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Academy Awards this weekend looks pretty spectacular.  Since not everyone can be a presenter, award winner, or otherwise get backstage to see the room and the library we custom designed for the event, I made a short video highlighting our custom book jacket creations.  The video plays on the […]

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Oscars Green Room Unveiled

Juniper Books Library for the Academy Awards Greenroom

The 2012 Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 84th Academy Awards® designed by Waldo Fernandez, with a library by Juniper Books, has been officially unveiled!  Today the media had tours of the room – a number of articles will start to appear tomorrow, plus various TV coverage throughout the weekend and the event itself on Sunday […]

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Going Big – Large Scale Custom Book Jacket Installations

George Hincapie Racer Library

One of our plans for 2012 is to work with clients to make  large scale book installations using our custom book jackets unlike anything the world has ever seen before!  But first a little background . . . Custom book covers have a lot of uses and we have worked with clients on some very […]

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Cool Book Artists and Book Art Projects

Su Blackwell Book Art

These are projects from other artists and sculptors whose work we admire for using books in creative ways.  Please enjoy the links and feel free to suggest other creative works that we have not mentioned. Thanks to thisiscollassal.com for helping us discover these first two. Cool suspended book installation in Istanbul. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hanifoto/5450655732 The Book Face […]

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Decorative Books

Juniper Books Elephant

Q. What are decorative books and who buys them? A. The answer to this question used to be simple, however I’m trying to change the definition of decorative books and also expand the market for them. There once was a time when the line between people who put books on their shelf only for decoration […]

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Christmas Tree of Books 2011

Christmas Tree of Shaped Books

It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition at Juniper Books – every year we build a Christmas tree constructed out of  books, but we change how it is made each year as the possibilities are truly endless.   Last year we made a 7 foot tall tree made up of about 800 green books stacked layer upon […]

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Our DIY Book Mobile on Instructables.com

We recently turned some old books into a new “Book Mobile” hanging sculpture to decorate the Juniper Books warehouse.  We thought it would be fun to share instructions on this one as a DIY (do it yourself) project so we posted it to Instructables.com. http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Book-Mobile/ The editors liked our write-up and featured it on their […]

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The Book Mobile

Book Mobile Hanging Book Sculpture

I have always loved the word “bookmobile” even before I found myself the book business – the concept of a traveling library is fun and useful to society.  About a year ago I drilled some holes in books and spun them around and the first “book mobile” was born.  We have since evolved the concept […]

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Juniper Books Goes to China!

Bund Pictorial Article on Juniper Books

We’ve been fortunate this year to have a couple stories written about our business in Chinese publications.  I have yet to see a flood of orders from Chinese customers looking to build a library of leather bound books, or a curated library of literary classics for their shelves in Shanghai (or Dubai, or New York, […]

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Airan Kang Art Mixed with Custom Book Jackets

Recently my friends at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York City loaned me a few of Airan Kang’s book sculptures for a few weeks.  I’m a big supporter of all things creative having to do with books in this world – from publishing attractive books to manipulating books in to art, or manipulating art […]

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Thatcher Wine Face Book Jackets – Check them out!

We have been playing around with printing various photo based book jackets for a while.  As most of you know, I believe anything is possible when it comes to how books look – we can make custom book covers that change the appearance of any book, or turn the spines into an art / photo […]

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New York Times Article Featured and Discussed on Other Sites

Thatcher Wine in Juniper Books Warehouse

Since The New York Times article came out a week ago, I’ve gotten hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from friends, designers, homeowners, booksellers, bookbinders, graphic artists, potential employees, general fans, and lots of others!  I’m very flattered and have tried to answer every one of them quickly.  The article was also widely discussed on […]

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Thatcher Makes Art from Books

I love books and get to work with them all day long.  When I have a few minutes between working on a client’s library or decorative book project, I try to execute some of the ideas I have dreamed up for using books in new and creative ways.  I have posted a few of my […]

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Juniper Books Holiday Party 2010

On Sunday December 12, we invited a few friends, family, neighbors, customers, and suppliers to our warehouse for our first annual holiday party!  The turnout was great, the food delicious, and it was a lot of fun for everyone.  My kids had a great time hosting their friends while their parents browsed the warehouse. There […]

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Thatcher Makes a Creative Hanukah Menorah from Books

I’m always thinking of creative things to do with books – whether it’s building book collections on specific themes, printing cool graphics on book jackets, or re-purposing old books into something new.  The Book Menorah concept is something that just hit me one day – the basic structure of a menorah (8 candle holders at […]

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