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New Photos, New Projects, New Products

Coming Soon - New Photos, Projects and Products

2012 has been an incredibly busy and successful year at Juniper Books.  In fact we have been so busy filling orders the past several months that our website simply has not kept up to date with all of our offerings. Over the next few weeks we will be trying to catch up by: Adding new […]

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Themed Custom Jackets

Mystery Book Collection

Juniper Books designs and prints custom book jackets that can be used to unify small and large collections of books, achieve desired colors in order to integrate bookshelves with an interior or commercial installation, or just change the look of books from old to new or new to old. Our custom printed book jackets can […]

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Academy Awards Green Room Video

Elizabeth Taylor Close Up Books

The Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Academy Awards this weekend looks pretty spectacular.  Since not everyone can be a presenter, award winner, or otherwise get backstage to see the room and the library we custom designed for the event, I made a short video highlighting our custom book jacket creations.  The video plays on the […]

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Vellum Style Custom Jackets

Custom Vellum Covers Closeup Harvard Classics

Our custom vellum style book jackets are designed to transform ordinary books into books that look like antique vellum (white leather) books.  They are one of our most popular styles. This style of books from Juniper books – both the simulated vellum and the real thing were featured in the January 2011 issue of Veranda […]

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Juniper Books Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays from Juniper Books!  Books make great gifts – no matter who the recipient is, one can always find a book that they will appreciate.  From rare books to unusual sets, customized book collecting services or even our custom book jackets – Juniper Books can help with you with unique and beautiful book gifts. […]

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Curated Book Collections

Read Me Literary Classics

At Juniper Books, we handpick / curate all book collections one volume at a time.  Thatcher has extensive experience building book collections of all types and is personally involved in every project. A very small percentage of our offerings are now available in our online store – for most of our book styles and extensive […]

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Library Ladder

Walnut Custom Made Rolling Library Ladder

After assembling a collection for a client in Texas, a high end luxury residences building, the client asked if we knew where they could purchase an attractive yet functional and safe library ladder.  We searched for them, but there seemed to be nothing available for sale between small step-stools and industrial (ugly) library ladders. So, […]

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White’s Fine Editions Literary Classics in Decorative Bindings

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte White's Fine Editions

We are big fans of publishers who design beautiful books these days, understanding that you have to deliver more value to the customer than simply putting words on a page and binding them – lets face it you have to give customers a reason to want to own a printed book. White’s Books certainly goes […]

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Easton Press Biographies

Winston Churchill by Martin Gilbert and Randolph S. Churchill [12 Vol Set]

This page features various Biographies published by Easton Press ranging from political figures to entertainment celebrities and more.  These are unsigned editions.  To view our signed Easton Press books, which include many biographies and autobiographies, click here. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Among our many specialties, Juniper Books is one of the largest buyers and sellers of fine leather-bound […]

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Custom Leather Bindings

Von Hayek The Road to Serfdom Custom Leather Binding

Over the past few months we have created a number of custom leather bindings for clients.  The art of bookbinding is a true art that requires patience and expertise in working with a variety of materials. The resulting creations range from special editions of favorite books for a personal library to leather bindings to give […]

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We Buy Books and Libraries

We are always interested in buying the following types of books from collectors and booksellers individually or books in bulk: Antique Leather Books (Complete Sets, Partial Sets , Individual Volumes, By the Foot, preferably in English, but will consider other languages) Vellum Books Parchment Books Victorian Books / Bindings Other Decorative Books / Bindings Antique […]

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Curated Book Collection Services

Will James Library Juniper Books has extensive experience building book collections based on the collectibility of individual books including: Edition Condition Provenance Signatures / Inscriptions We have worked with clients to: Find elusive editions or titles to add to their collections Acquire rare or special books to be given as gifts Build entire collections around […]

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Appraisals for Rare Books and Libraries

Thatcher Wine of  Juniper Books can appraise individual books or an entire book collection.  While not a certified appraiser, Thatcher has substantial experience evaluating rare books and book collections and determining values. Whether an appraisal is desired out of curiosity, for estate or insurance purposes, or as part of a donation of a complete collection […]

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Juniper Books in the New York Times!

Barry Wine reading New York Times Article About Thatcher Wine

    It’s been almost six months since the big article on what I’m doing with books came out on Thursday January 6th, in the New York Times.  It was a great article by Penelope Green.  Plus the story was accompanied by a fantastic slideshow – a Times photographer visited our warehouse in Boulder and […]

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Juniper Books Goes to China!

Bund Pictorial Article on Juniper Books

We’ve been fortunate this year to have a couple stories written about our business in Chinese publications.  I have yet to see a flood of orders from Chinese customers looking to build a library of leather bound books, or a curated library of literary classics for their shelves in Shanghai (or Dubai, or New York, […]

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Turning Nancy Drew Pink

Nancy Drew in Custom Jackets from Juniper Books

A client recently hired us to help solve a problem – they wanted a complete set of Nancy Drew books in their daughter’s room, but they wanted them in pink, not the standard bright yellow edition that is commonly available.  Our solution – custom designed and printed book jackets! The pink also had to be […]

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A Visit to New Mexico

Handcrafted and Handpicked Library in New Mexico

Even though New Mexico is only a few hours away from me in Colorado, I had never had the opportunity to personally visit the home of one of my clients I have known and worked with for years.  That changed recently and my perspective on how beautiful and personal a library can be in this […]

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Curated Easton Press Library

100 Greatest Books Series from Easton Press

While there are a lot of books we love and a lot of publishers doing beautiful work these days (yes – publishers producing beautiful books do still exist) – there are few publishers like Easton Press who consistently bring leather bound classics to the market in relatively affordable editions. Our client had a strong interest […]

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Literary Classics All Around the House

Western Americana Library Larry McMurtry and More

I have clients of all types – some who want books for purely for decoration, others who hope to impress their guests with their intellectual book collection, others who hope their kids will be inspired to read the classics . . . just to name a few.   My customers enlist my help to add beautiful […]

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Easton Press Books

Signed Easton Press

We’ve added an entire new area of the site that focuses on Easton Press books.  We now have pages devoted to different series of the leather bound books from Easton Press far beyond the 100 Greatest Books series (that page isn’t quite done yet).  You can link directly to the pages from the photos below. […]

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Custom Jackets – Simple Modern Designs

2011 has been a very creative and fun year so far.  I’ve had the good fortune of doing projects with numerous homeowners and interior designers around the world.  While still a niche product, the people who are finding our custom designed and printed book jackets love them, and they are making a big difference in […]

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Updated Antique Leather Books Page

At Juniper Books, while we are constantly reinventing the future of the library, we are also frequently at work building classical libraries that use a lot of unmodified books, beautiful as the day they were published / bound. I have always loved leather bound books and I always will, the beauty of 19th century book […]

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Stately Homes by-the-Sea Designer Show House Opens

In the past few months we have been honored to participate in several charity show houses by providing books to our designer friends in order to support their visions.  Darren Henault asked us to help with the books for his room at the the Stately Homes by-the-Sea Designer Show House at Holly Hill in Rumson […]

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First Edition Library Books

The First Edition Library (FEL) is a series of exact facsimile replicas of the first editions of famous books.  We love these books because of how accurately they honor the details of many famous 19th and 20th century books. The true first editions of most of these books cost several thousand dollars, whereas the FEL […]

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Custom Library Ladder Designed and Built

Several months ago, we assembled a custom book collection for a client in Texas, a high end luxury residences building.  After the books were installed, the client asked if we knew where they could purchase an attractive yet functional and safe library ladder.  We searched for them, but there seemed to be nothing available for […]

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Juniper Books at the Pasadena Showcase House

We were flattered to be asked by designer Julie Kays to provide some books for her Lady’s Study at the Pasadena Showcase House of Design in Pasadena, California.  The Show house just opened yesterday and runs through May 15th.  It’s for a good cause so if you are in Southern California please visit! http://www.pasadenashowcase.org/ The […]

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Thatcher Wine Face Book Jackets – Check them out!

We have been playing around with printing various photo based book jackets for a while.  As most of you know, I believe anything is possible when it comes to how books look – we can make custom book covers that change the appearance of any book, or turn the spines into an art / photo […]

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Latest Custom Jacket Creations from Juniper Books

It has been an exceptionally busy few weeks since the New York Times article came out and a lot more people are now aware of some of the creative things I am doing with books!  One project that resulted from that publicity is still under wraps for a couple days, so check back on Thursday […]

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Some Simple Book Collecting and Arranging Tips from Thatcher

A few thoughts on buying and arranging books.  I wrote these simple tips for an article that appeared in Home By Design magazine a few weeks ago . . . 1. It’s best to pick a theme for a particular shelf, bookcase, or room and stick with it. That theme can be a color, author, […]

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New York Times Article Featured and Discussed on Other Sites

Thatcher Wine in Juniper Books Warehouse

Since The New York Times article came out a week ago, I’ve gotten hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from friends, designers, homeowners, booksellers, bookbinders, graphic artists, potential employees, general fans, and lots of others!  I’m very flattered and have tried to answer every one of them quickly.  The article was also widely discussed on […]

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