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Modern Contemporary Book Jackets

Black White Grey and Purple Book Jackets 2

Our modern and contemporary styled book jackets are one of our most popular designs.  Below are a few examples of book covers we have designed for clients.  We can make these in any color, print any typeface, and we can either curate a custom collection of books by subject or author, or select books more […]

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Curated Book Collections

Read Me Literary Classics

At Juniper Books, we handpick / curate all book collections one volume at a time.  Thatcher has extensive experience building book collections of all types and is personally involved in every project. A very small percentage of our offerings are now available in our online store – for most of our book styles and extensive […]

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41 North Hotel

Curated Books for Hotel Rooms

Juniper Books worked with DAS Architects on the beautiful waterfront 41 North Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island supplying the hotel with a variety of books for each suite and for the lobby. The vision from the architects and property owners was a thoroughly modern and luxurious destination and that was also to be reflected in the […]

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Appraisals for Rare Books and Libraries

Thatcher Wine of  Juniper Books can appraise individual books or an entire book collection.  While not a certified appraiser, Thatcher has substantial experience evaluating rare books and book collections and determining values. Whether an appraisal is desired out of curiosity, for estate or insurance purposes, or as part of a donation of a complete collection […]

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Turning Nancy Drew Pink

Nancy Drew in Custom Jackets from Juniper Books

A client recently hired us to help solve a problem – they wanted a complete set of Nancy Drew books in their daughter’s room, but they wanted them in pink, not the standard bright yellow edition that is commonly available.  Our solution – custom designed and printed book jackets! The pink also had to be […]

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A Visit to New Mexico

Handcrafted and Handpicked Library in New Mexico

Even though New Mexico is only a few hours away from me in Colorado, I had never had the opportunity to personally visit the home of one of my clients I have known and worked with for years.  That changed recently and my perspective on how beautiful and personal a library can be in this […]

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Curated Easton Press Library

100 Greatest Books Series from Easton Press

While there are a lot of books we love and a lot of publishers doing beautiful work these days (yes – publishers producing beautiful books do still exist) – there are few publishers like Easton Press who consistently bring leather bound classics to the market in relatively affordable editions. Our client had a strong interest […]

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Custom Library Ladder Designed and Built

Several months ago, we assembled a custom book collection for a client in Texas, a high end luxury residences building.  After the books were installed, the client asked if we knew where they could purchase an attractive yet functional and safe library ladder.  We searched for them, but there seemed to be nothing available for […]

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New York Times Article Featured and Discussed on Other Sites

Thatcher Wine in Juniper Books Warehouse

Since The New York Times article came out a week ago, I’ve gotten hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from friends, designers, homeowners, booksellers, bookbinders, graphic artists, potential employees, general fans, and lots of others!  I’m very flattered and have tried to answer every one of them quickly.  The article was also widely discussed on […]

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Details and Links Re: New York Times Story

It’s been a busy day and exciting day here!  The story in the New York Times is wonderful and I’ve heard from old friends, past clients, new fans, etc. If you didn’t see the article, here is a link to the article, and a separate link to the slideshow: Selling a Book By Its Cover […]

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Custom Book Collections Built One Book at a Time

When I turned my book collecting hobby into a bookselling business years ago, I started with rare and unusual books, bought one at a time, and sold one at a time.  My niche of building complete book collections and decorative libraries came a few years later after I already had a lot of experience and […]

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