At Juniper Books, we've been curating custom book collections for over ten years. Projects vary in size from a single shelf to an entire home. Our goal is to bring the content and design into harmony. So whether you're a homeowner looking for help completing your library or a professional designer seeking books that integrate perfectly into your project, this is the place to start.

The images on this page are examples of custom projects. To learn more about pricing and lead times on custom orders, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button “Have a Similar Project in Mind.” Once we receive the contact form, we will be in touch. Or call us at 303-946-1494.

Book Styles

When it comes to your custom project, anything is possible. We've made a style guide of our most commonly requested types of books to help you get started.

Antique Leather

Antique leather books lend a classic style and sophistication to any library.

Art & Oversized

Art and oversized books are impressive and can be infinitely tailored to your interests.

Color Wrapped

Color wrapped books are a simple way to add a clean, consistent look that complements your design.

Curated by Color

From vintage pastels to modern neutrals, books curated by color are a subtle way to add just the right accent.

Curated by Subject

Whatever your interests, we can curate a collection of books that will perfectly fit your personality and style.

Custom Jackets

With books as a canvas, our custom printed jackets can turn any collection into an original work of art.

Modern Leather

From Austen to Shakespeare, modern leather books are literary masterpieces with a stately elegance.


Vellum books are a luxurious way to add lighter tones to your design.