Color Wrapped

Color Wrapped

Wrapped books provide a simple, easy, and beautiful way to decorate with books. We start with everyday hardcovers then add paper jackets in the color of your choice. If you want your shelves to look completely uniform, we can use custom-made blank books in a specific size or multiple copies of the same book.

Fabric Wrapped

Fabric wrapped books provide the same organized, streamlined design as our paper wrapped books, but with the added visual interest of texture. Our fabric wrapped books are covered in traditional bookbinding fabric, but if there is a specific fabric or texture you have in mind, we can create custom sets of fabric wrapped books. Our wrapped books usually vary in height and thickness, to achieve a look with greater uniformity we can use custom made blank books or multiple copies of a book.

Custom Fabric Wrapped

We can also create custom books wrapped in the fabric of your choosing. Pictured above is a custom set created for KnollTextiles using their incredible textured and vibrant fabric.