Modern Leather

Books published approximately 1975 to the present by publishers including Easton Press, Franklin Library and others.

Very attractive and ornate bindings in a wide range of colors with gold titles and details.

A beautiful selection of bindings that also allows for the inclusion of many leather bound books with recognizable titles, authors and subjects as these publishers have generally reissued the classics.

Modern leather books may be ordered by the foot without any additional parameters at the most economical price and fastest turnaround. Additional requirements such as size, color and subject matter may also be specified and we can work with clients to select the appropriate mix of books within a budget. We can also mix modern leather books with other styles and appropriately select nicer books for more visible shelf locations.

Please note that we can also oversee custom leather book binding work if a client would like to have specific books rebound in leather.

Available in reds, browns, burgundy, black, grey, blues and greens.

Generally these books are in like-new condition.

Subjects available include literature, history, biographies, reference, the arts, travel, natural history, medicine, science, and law.

Handpicked book collections available by subject, author, and other requests.

To inquire about this style of books, please feel free to e-mail us through the form below.

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