The antique vellum books sold by Juniper books are probably the most special style of books we sell.  They are white leather books published approximately 1850-1930, mostly  in Europe.

These vellum bindings were generally published as special or limited editions and therefore can be rare to find, especially in nice clean condition given their white bindings. When a high end luxurious white leather look is desired, these books can be used to a beautiful effect.

Please note that while vellum bindings have been in use for several centuries, we tend to focus on more modern volumes with white leather covers for our clients. However if the look of a 300 year old library is desired, we can certainly accommodate that and use earlier books.

Vellum books may be ordered by the foot without any additional parameters at the most economical price. Or additional requirements such as size, color, language and subject matter may be specified. As all vellum books are white leather bound with some degree of gold titles on the spines, color requests will generally pertain to whether the spine accent colors such as green or red should be omitted in order to preserve the dominance of the white bindings.


Specific requests may require additional lead time as we import many of these books from abroad.

Pricing varies widely on vellum books depending on size, condition and other custom requirements.

White leather books available with gold titles and/or with various spine accents usually in black, red or brown.

Some clients prefer the look of vellum with gold titles and accents only and we can accommodate that request.

To inquire about this style of books, please feel free to e-mail us through the form below.

See also our custom designed and printed book covers made to look like antique vellum books at a fraction of the cost.

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