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Custom Book Sets - FAQs

How much does a custom set cost?
Our minimum cost for all custom work is $350. Each of our custom sets takes a considerable amount of time to curate, design, and produce - after all, every custom project from Juniper Books is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

I only want one book in my custom set, is it still $350?
Yes, the same design time, thought, and care goes into a single book custom project as it does for a larger set.  

Can I use the newsletter discount on my custom set?
Our newsletter discount is only applicable to our readymade collections.

What goes into a Juniper Books creation?
There is an entire team of talented people behind every book and every shipment making sure we do things perfectly for every client.  We are a niche business, we are not trying to be a retail giant. We buy books from publishers we love and respect, that way we make sure authors and estates are compensated for their hard work and creativity.  We make and sell products one at a time and take care of clients one at a time. There is a cost to all of this, but we think it’s worth it.

What do you need to get started on a custom project?
When we start a custom project, the first steps are to figure out how much space you have for the books, what subject matter you want to be included, and what style you want your books to be!

Can you design jackets for a collection of books I already own?  
Yes! If they are books we currently offer, we will need to match ISBNs so we are sure your new jackets will fit your books precisely. If they are books we do not carry, we will need you to ship them to us.  We have clients ship us their most cherished collections frequently.

Can I just send you measurements of the books I already own?  
We need your books sent to us in order to customize jackets, it ensures our precise fit.  We have clients ship us their most cherished collections frequently, and we are always sure to treat your collections with great care.  

Can you create custom jackets for paperback books or comic books?
Our jackets will only fit hardcover (aka, clothbound) editions. If you have a very special book that is not available in a hardcover edition, we have a partner we can send it to and have it bound. After they do that, we will design and print your custom jackets for you.  

Can I use my own art/photos for a custom set?
Yes! We have done this before for many prior clients. We do need to be sure the art or photo we are using is not protected under any copyright laws. We can help check on that for you.  

What is the lead time for a custom project?
Lead times can range from days to months for more complex assignments. Our lead times vary based on size, design, and curation. Most projects start at 2 weeks and can go up to many months.