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Leather Jane Austen Set


When Jane Austen was writing in the early 1800s, she didn’t even use her real name, much less control what her books should look like when published. We designed these genuine leather treasures to match what we think she would have wanted. The juxtaposition between the durability of leather and the soft pink tone compliments the depth of Austen’s characters. Over the years we have had many requests for a leather bound Jane Austen, we are happy that we have found the right craftsman to create a truly amazing set. This set features six of Austen’s most beloved works hand-bound in supple leather with gilded details, hubbed spines, silk reading ribbons, and silk moiré endpapers. This collection features marbled paper on the front and back covers, and the books were designed to recall the Regency style when Austen originally published her novels. We also added in a reference to Hugh Thompson’s 1894 design for Pride and Prejudice by incorporating a peacock motif on the spines. This set is truly one-of-a-kind, so it is a highly limited edition, making it the perfect gift for the literature lover in your life.


  1. Sense and Sensibility
  2. Mansfield Park
  3. Emma
  4. Northanger Abbey & Persuasion
  5. Pride and Prejudice
  6. Minor Works

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8.5 in tall x 8 in wide x 5.5 in deep


9.2 pounds

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