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Life’s Little Books


These colorful pocket-sized books are full of inspiration on how to live your best life. In these books you will find quotes, sayings, and how-tos pertaining to the title’s subject so you can be your best self. The Little Book of Happiness features pages full of daily affirmations to foster happiness, while The Little Book of Confidence has quotes from influential people who have had to overcome failures, like Van Gogh and Steve Jobs. Plus, the bright colors on these Quadrille books are sure to make you happy anytime you glance over at them sitting on your shelves.


  1. Mindfulness edited by Tiddy Rowan
  2. Confidence edited by Tiddy Rowan
  3. Happiness edited by Alison Davies
  4. Love edited by Tiddy Rowan
  5. Friendship edited by Tiddy Rowan

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5.5 in tall x 5 in wide x 4.5 in deep


4 pounds

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