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Make Your Own Phaidon International Cookbooks

Cookbooks are some of the most beloved books in homes around the world. They make for wonderful gifts—whether for a housewarming party, a graduation, a birthday, or a wedding!

Beautifully designed and luxuriously printed, these cookbooks from Phaidon offer an astounding range of recipes from places like Peru, Thailand, Tuscany, and Brazil. Each one is a treasure to behold and will provide a lifetime of inspiration in the kitchen.

We know that collecting cookbooks can be a fun process, so we offer this make-your-own option of beautiful volumes. Choose the title(s) that piques your interest, or check all of the boxes for a comprehensive catalogue of cooking and baking around the world.

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    For only $10, we will gift wrap this set in the paper of your choice and include a typewritten gift card.

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11.75 in tall x 10 in wide x 8.75 in deep


4.5 pounds

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