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Bon Voyage – “This Is” Children’s Travel Series


One of the great gifts books can give kids is the ability to foster curiosity for people, places, and things they wouldn’t necessarily experience in reality. These 10 titles from the This Is travel series, written and illustrated by the painter Miroslav Sasek, is an amazing way to introduce a child to some of the most beautiful and historically important cities, states, and countries in the world. Each title, published by Random House, tours a different place via lush illustrations and interesting facts.

Each set comes wrapped in a light grey book band with “bon voyage” printed along the front. Each band is hand-sewn and printed on archival canvas. The elastic closure ensures easy removal and placement.

This set of books makes an amazing gift for curious children aged 7 and up.


  1. This Is Greece
  2. This Is London
  3. This Is New York
  4. This Is Paris
  5. This Is Rome
  6. This Is San Francisco
  7. This Is Munich
  8. This Is Venice
  9. This Is Edinburgh
  10. This Is Australia

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12.5 in tall x 6 in wide x 9 in deep


16 pounds

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