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War and Peace


Considered by many to be the greatest novel ever written, Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace remains a tour de force in realism, historical fiction, and philosophy. Entwining the lives of five Russian aristocratic families around the time of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, Tolstoy’s scenes of life and turmoil in Saint Petersburg and Moscow come to life with dozens of hyper-detailed characters. The novel culminates at the Battle of Borodino where protagonist Pierre Bezukhov realizes his romanticized vision of war is far from the true horrors he encounters. Juniper Books’ custom jackets bring this scene to life with Louis Lejeune’s painting, “Battle of Borodino, 7th September 1812”. A glorious read, this beautiful 3 volume hardcover edition published by Everyman’s Library comes complete with silk reading ribbons, cloth bindings, and acid-free natural cream-colored paper. Everyman’s Library uses the celebrated Louise and Aylmer Maude translation. Contemporaries of Tolstoy, they knew the author personally and translated many of his works.


  1. War and Peace Volume 1
  2. War and Peace Volume 2
  3. War and Peace Volume 3

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8.25 in tall x 3.75 in wide x 5.25 in deep


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