Thatcher Makes Art from Books

I love books and get to work with them all day long.  When I have a few minutes between working on a client’s library or decorative book project, I try to execute some of the ideas I have dreamed up for using books in new and creative ways.  I have posted a few of my recent projects here and there will be more in the future (I have a notebook with about 350 ideas so far!!!)   If there are any book lovers who would like to commission a project or buy a customized version of one of these works, please contact me.

Book Staircase

This first project shown above was in my head for a long long time as the boring staircase in the warehouse always bothered me.  I considered painting the stairs, or carpeting them, but then came up with the idea of constructing book panels for the risers.  They are only 1″ deep, and yes, I had to chop the books to make the panels.  However, these are plentiful bestsellers and I don’t think anyone will miss them.  The result is colorful, fun, and exudes literary abundance – so many books in the warehouse they are stuffed under the stairs!

American Flag Made with Red White and Blue Books
American Flag of Books

In the warehouse I have a wall full of white and neutral colored books as that is one of the most popular requests I receive – I wanted to create something on that wall that popped out from the lighter tones and came up with the idea of an American flag made from books.

Books Make up a Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree of Books

The Christmas tree of books was a huge hit for our holiday party at the warehouse.  It was constructed of nearly 800 books with a custom made base on casters and a lighting system designed to emanate light from the books!

Hanging Books and Lights

Suspended Books and Lights

The suspended books interspersed with retro Edison light bulb fixtures is just the first of many projects to come like this.  The concept was to create a cool looking divider along our balcony.  The books used are custom wrapped in neutral linen fabric, then tied together and suspended with steel cables.

Book Towers

Book Towers

The book towers are just one concept I cooked up  in the Juniper Books R&D lab for innovative ways to display and use books – I wouldn’t do this with a home library, but it would be fun for merchandising in a store.

So, that’s the beginning of the art from books project available for public viewing,  I’m always working on more ideas for how to use books and book parts in new ways – so stay tuned for more . . .