Custom Boxes

At Juniper Books, we are fortunate to have a network of bookbinders and artisans who are capable of very skillful work creating custom book boxes, slipcases and related items.  Examples of projects we have helped clients with:

  • Creating custom clamshell boxes for a professor to elegantly store published offprints
  • Creating custom boxes to house ephemera as well as antique books too fragile or sentimental to be rebound
  • Sourcing custom clamshell boxes to house rare first edition books

As we offer a full range of services including bookbinding and book searches, we are fully capable of advising clients when it is best to rebind a book, acquire a different/alternate copy, or create a custom box to protect and store the item.

Below is a gallery of photos of various options for book boxes, folders and slipcases.  All of these can be custom made in just about any color, crafted in leather or cloth, and numerous decorative and functional details may be incorporated.

To inquire about custom book boxes and related items, please call 303-946-1494, e-mail or contact us through the form below.

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