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Juniper Books & Juniper Custom serve professionals in the design field, offering products and services tailored for residential and commercial designers, architect firms, event planners, builders, and many others in the design industry looking to integrate books into their creative projects.

Exclusive Discounts:

Members of the trade program enjoy a 20% discount on all readymade sets featured on Juniper Books, with no minimums or volume requirements. Choose from our extensive collection of over 150 book sets to add a touch of art to any shelf, console, or table.

Dedicated Team:

The program provides a dedicated Juniper Custom associate to guide and assist at every step. Our passionate team is committed to delivering quality service by listening to clients and helping them achieve their or their client’s vision at the intersection of of books and design. 

Books by the Foot:

Juniper Custom stands out in the world of BBTF with an unwavering commitment to exceptional standards. We avoid duplicate titles, even in large orders. Our meticulously screened used selections ensure a designer-worthy collection that only Juniper Custom can uphold.

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