Curated by Author

Over the years many clients have asked Juniper Books to help build curated libraries and book collections by author.  We have helped with so many authors that it would be hard to list them here.  The initiative to build these handpicked author collections is varied as well:

  • Sometimes our clients want a reading library of their favorite authors
  • Other times the library is for collecting purposes and we are tasked with looking for first editions, leather bound editions, or other collectible copies
  • Often the family has some favorite authors that they would like to have on their shelves in order to inspire their children
  • Many times we work on vacation and second homes, providing book collections for the family and guests to read while there, sometimes these include authors local to where the property is (e.g., Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, Florida, Maine, Mexico, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, we have helped with many of these)
  • Clients may mention a few of their favorite authors but then ask us to supplement the collection with related literature which we are happy to do from our experience
A few of the authors we have built collections of include:
  • Bellow, Saul
  • Bukowski, Charles
  • Burroughs, William
  • Cather, Willa
  • Dickey, James
  • Eggers, Dave
  • Eliot, T.S.
  • Ellis, Brett Easton
  • Eugenides, Jeffrey
  • Faulkner, William
  • Fitzgerald, F. Scott
  • Hemingway, Ernest
  • Hornby, Nick
  • Irving, John
  • Joyce, James
  • Kerouac, Jack
  • Klosterman, Chuck
  • Lewis, Michael
  • McCarthy, Cormac
  • Oates, Joyce Carol
  • Palahniuk, Chuck
  • Pynchon, Thomas
  • Roth, Philip
  • Salinger, J.D.
  • Steinbeck, John
  • Thoreau, Henry David
  • Twain, Mark
  • Updike, John
  • Vonnegut, Kurt
  • Welsh, Irvine
  • Wolfe, Tom
  • Yeats, W.B.
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