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What Our Team is Loving

Books make the best gifts!

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What Our Team is Loving

What Our Team is Loving

The art of giving a thoughtful gift is as simple as asking the question “Why?” 

We asked our staff that question – here are few of the gifts they picked and the thought that goes into choosing a great gift.

One of our designers, Natalie, said “I could find something for everyone in my life on our website.” (Really, we didn’t make her say that!)

Here’s what our staff has picked out for their loved ones this year. Need more inspiration? Check out all of our gift guides at!

Sandra B., Office Manager
“I would get my nephew our new Hobbit jacket, to go along with the Lord of The Rings Set he already has!”

Natalie C., Graphic Designer
“For my older sister Harry Potter Jackets Only in the Gryffindor House design is the perfect gift. She is the biggest Harry Potter fan and a proud Gryffindor; these will bring new life to the beloved copies on her shelf!”


Maddie G., Project Manager
“My mom would love a new set of cookbooks! She’s always cooking, baking, and experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen!”

Kirsten H., Dir. of Business Development
“My dad is the one who got me out of bed on freezing cold Vermont mornings to go skiing every weekend. Gifting our Skiing Set will remind him of our love of skiing and the memories we created together. I can’t wait for him to read each book and to enjoy them on his shelf!”

Maria C., Production Assistant
“My young daughter and I love to read together at bedtime. Some of my fondest memories are perusing the pages of Laura’s incredible life story. I hope my daughter smiles whenever she sees these Little House Books on her bookshelves!”

Jeff C., Product Manager
“Definitely the Wine Books Set for my dad! It’s his style, and he loves wine. Plus, I think the set is fun!”


Blaise H., Fulfillment
“My sister would definitely enjoy the Outlander Series — and I know she loves the design of that set too!”

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