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Juniper Books Frequently Asked Questions

New Releases & Limited Editions

Yes! Upon the release of new books, we intend to design matching jackets for them, extending the current design. The 30 customers who purchase this set of 16 will receive a special offer to buy corresponding limited edition jackets featuring exclusive details available only with this launch!

About Us

Juniper Books was founded in 2001 by Thatcher Wine. The company was born out of Thatcher's love of reading and collecting books. At first he sold rare books on eBay, then over the years evolved Juniper Books to do all the things we do today.


We now have a second website, JuniperCustom, dedicated to the made to order side of our business. Juniper Custom is the place to go for a pretty much infinite selection of book sets, book collections, and libraries. is where you will find our bestselling book sets with a pop culture focus, we try to keep them all in stock and ready to ship for all of your reading, collecting, and gifting needs!





About My Order

Most orders ship in 1 - 3 business days. During the busy holiday season, it could take up to 5 business days. 


We do not include pricing in our shipments. On the box, however, our company's logo is visible on the tape, and our return name and address appear on the shipping label. 


To ensure the recipient does not see the box, please have the order shipped to an alternate address, such as a friend's, a workplace, or a family member.



Yes, an email with information on tracking it will be sent to the email address on the order. This email may go to your spam folder, please check there if you can't find it.


Sometimes orders packed in multiple boxes are separated as they travel to their final destination. If you are missing a box when the first delivery arrives, please check tracking to see if the others are still on their way. 


We try to keep all of our book sets in stock, but they sometimes are unavailable.  The time to restock will vary.


Please click the ‘Notify Me When Available’ button to receive an email when a product returns to stock, with popular book sets, they can sell out quickly again. 



We are sorry to hear your order wasn't received perfectly. Please email customer service pictures showing the damage to the books and/or jackets. Please also share photos if there was damage to the shipping box. We will make things right! 


If you received the wrong order, please email customer service a picture of what you did receive and your original order number.


We will cover the costs of shipping damaged books and incorrectly received books back to us, and get replacement books to you as soon as we can.

Some jackets may need to be adjusted once they arrive. This is often due to the paper books are printed on changing over time, when that happens the books get bigger or smaller. It can also happen with well loved books, their bindings expand over time as well. 


Please watch this video to learn how to adjust the jackets slightly to fit your books. If you need help, please email Customer Service.


Our jackets are tear resistant and durable. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth to remove any smudges or other marks. Only the outer side of the jackets is laminated, so it is best for the inner side of the jackets not to come into contact with any moisture. 


Our book jackets are removable, and they should be treated similar to art prints when not wrapped around books.


We encourage having multiple sets of book jackets for your favorite books, then swapping them out whenever you feel like it!  When the jackets are not on the books, we suggest “nesting” the jackets together and storing them in a box. 




Returns | Refund | Exchange

We accept returns and exchanges of non-personalized items within 30 days after delivery.


Jackets-Only customers, please watch THIS video. Our jackets-only product need adjusting once they arrive to your home, they are not a one-size-fits-all, but once you watch the video, we are confident you will be happy with your new set!


If you would like to exchange your order or receive store credit, please follow these steps:

  1. Email to request a free shipping label.
  2. Once we receive your returned item, we will issue you a store credit to use towards a future purchase on the Juniper Books website.
  3. If you let us know what you would like to exchange the item for, we will ship the new item once we receive the original order back.

If you are looking to return the order for a refund, please follow these steps.

  1. Include a note with your order number and/or the purchaser's name and contact information when you return the item.
  2. For Jackets-Only customers, please watch this instructional video on how to properly adjust the jackets once they arrive. Our jackets are not one-size-fits-all, but the video will ensure you are happy with your new set.
  3. The product must be returned to us in salable condition. Please include packing material so the jackets and book set do not move during transit, that will cause damage. 
  4. If your set was purchased with a gift card, we will issue you another gift card upon receiving the returned set.

Shipping address: Attn: Returns Order# | 1501 Lee Hill Rd #1 | Boulder CO | 80304

Please allow 1 - 2 business days to process your refund once the order has been returned to our studio. 


If you still have questions, please email Customer Service

General Questions

All of the books we use in our special edition book sets are authorized, copyrighted editions that we buy from publishers and distributors. The authors receive royalties from our purchases per their contracts with the publisher. In some cases, Juniper Books has an additional licensing agreement directly with the author. Examples of authors who we have agreements with include, but are not limited to, Jennifer Armentrout, Olivie Blake, Neil Gaiman, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Julia Quinn, and Tracy Wolff.

If you are an author, agent, or estate and would like to inquire about establishing a licensing agreement with Juniper Books, please contact us.

Juniper Books' original artwork is copyrighted by Juniper Books LLC and may not be reproduced without prior written permission. 


Explore our extensive selection of Books by the Foot, including book options like color-themed paper-wraps, fabric-wraps, curated by color, antique leather, and more, now available on our new website!

Visit - Books by the Foot Collection Page

We invite you to visit Juniper Custom, a division of Juniper Books. Juniper Custom can reprint most of our retired designs and also curate and design a nearly unlimited number of new book sets, book collections, and libraries. 


When the new book comes out, we will offer a standalone option just for that single book with a jacket, and the jacket on its own, for several months after the release on Juniper Books. After that, it moves over to Juniper Custom under our Made to Order collection. See below for links for our current expanded offerings. 

We plan our designs for series that are expected to expand in coordination with the author and publisher so that everything looks amazing as more books come out.  Please note, while novellas are not always added to our sets, we prioritize incorporating them into the current set if they contribute to a series journey.
See below for links to our current expanded offerings.

Outlander - Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone

Blood and Ash - A Soul of Ash and Blood

Game of Thrones - Fire & Blood 


Our jackets are designed to fit hardcover editions for optimal alignment of the designs.

If your series is only available as paperbacks, our sister website, Juniper Custom, can provide a solution! Visit for more information.

We want your book jackets to fit your books perfectly! Checking your ISBNs confirms that you have the books that our jackets were designed for. 


If you have any pre-order or post-order concerns about how to put jackets on your books and whether they will fit, we recommend watching this video we made. It demonstrates how to adjust the fit precisely, as the books may have loosened or expanded over time. 


ISBNs used to be 10 digits up until 2007 when they changed to a 13 digit format. In case you would like to double-check before you purchase the jackets, here is a handy tool to convert 10-digit ISBNs to their modern 13-digit counterparts:  


We typically do not include the original publisher jackets with our shipments.



We only sell brand new books, but our Juniper Custom division, and especially our Founder Thatcher Wine, have a lot of experience and expertise with rare books. 


We also recommend searching or for specific books. 

Yes, we love hearing about your favorite books! Share your book set suggestions with us by emailing our customer service team. Please keep in mind, the books must be available as hardcover editions to be considered as a product offering. 


You may also consider contacting Juniper Custom about making a set just for you. 


We specialize in curating book sets with titles that have already published, so unfortunately we cannot help with the publication of your book. 


Possibly! If you are a bestselling author of popular fiction, please contact our product development team to have them evaluate the opportunity.


Please note that we only make our book sets using hardcover books and typically we ask for assurances that a book will stay in print in hardcover for multiple years. 


If you are looking to make a single special edition book set, or a small quantity for your own use, please visit Juniper Custom to commission a custom set.  

The style of the page edges on your book is intentional - this is called a deckled edge and is meant to resemble the look of early bookbinding techniques. It is a stylistic choice some publishers make to give books an antique look! Because the books in our sets are made by various publishers, some books may have this feature while others will not.

In our original ACOTAR Set, we decided to place A Court of Frost and Starlight at the beginning since it's a novella that doesn't further the main plot of the series. Placing it at the front also allows the series to be displayed without the novella for those who choose to do so!

Please see our new SJM Universe ACOTAR design for the covers arranged in 'chronological' order.

Payments & Shipping

We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, PayPal, Venmo, Meta Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.  On select products, you can pay with Buy with Prime. 


Shop Pay Installments are a great way to pay in installments on our site, if you are in the US. 


Yes, we offer international shipping to our customers worldwide! Our process is designed to be seamless and hassle-free. Simply add the desired items to your cart and proceed to checkout, where you will be presented with various shipping options and pricing on the Shipping screen before you process your payment.


Our shipping costs include any potential import duties and taxes. This will alleviate any concerns you may have about paying additional fees to the carrier upon delivery and ensure a smooth customs clearance process for your order.


Book sets are heavy, but we ship a lot of them. We negotiate the best shipping rates we can get for our customers.

To see the shipping cost, place the item(s) in your cart and begin the checkout process. Before entering any payment information, you will see shipping costs and options before completing checkout.

If the cart value is $250 or more, we offer free domestic ground shipping for orders shipping within the contiguous United States.


Our site changes the currency you see based on where you are. 

Please note if you use a VPN or IP masking tool, the currency displayed may be different from your actual location. 

Where To Find Juniper Books and Who We Work With

The Juniper Books trade program is open to interior designers, architects, developers, visual merchandisers, set decorators, and other design industry professionals. By enrolling in the program, you will enjoy a 20% discount on book sets available on Juniper Books.

Please read HERE for more informaiton. 


Some of our book sets can be found at the Indigo Bookstore in Short Hills, NJ, as well as these online retailers. 



Neiman Marcus

Over the Moon

Saks Fifth Avenue



We wish we could give to all of those who ask for a donation. We donate a lot of books every year to local causes in Colorado where we are based. Our primary focus is on supporting education and literacy initiatives.

We are a small company focused on producing very high quality book sets in limited quantities. We are not expanding our wholesale program at the current time. You may email customer service for future consideration. 


We do not have a Juniper Books brick-and-mortar store or a showroom. If you will be in Boulder, CO and would like to visit, please let us know, it may be possible to arrange a tour by appointment.