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Behind the Design: Wheel of Time Book Set

Behind the Design: Wheel of Time Book Set

At Juniper Books, our design team dedicates themselves to the process of creating amazing and fitting designs for each of our sets. There are many stages to creating our unique jackets, from initial concept to the final product, and we want to share the specifics behind our new Wheel of Time set! This extensive series of fourteen books – plus the prequel novel – is perfect for ambitious fans of high fantasy. Author Robert Jordan created an expansive world, sophisticated system of magic, and epic storyline which draws from European and Asian mythology. After Jordan’s death, the series was completed by Brandon Sanderson in accordance with Jordan’s wishes for the finale.

We have been wanting to create a design for the Wheel of Time series for a long time. It’s a popular enough series that we have done a number of custom WoT sets for clients in the past. Numerous requests for a particular set always makes us eager to put together a product! Finally the perfect opportunity presented itself. We worked closely with Robert Jordan’s publisher (Tor Books) co-author of the last three (Brandon Sanderson) and his editor and wife (Harriet McDougal) to create an exceptional and symbolic design that has been praised by all three to fit the series wonderfully. 

We are so thrilled that Robert Jordan’s wife and editor Harriet McDougal and co-author Brandon Sanderson both love this design. Celebrating Robert Jordan’s incredible story with this jacket design has been an honor for the Juniper Books team. We were lucky that our lead designer, Kaitlin, happened to be a huge fan of the series! 

For this design, we worked with publisher Tor Books to conceive of a design that perfectly brought the series to life. Kaitlin created several concepts for the design, pictured above, each of which paid homage to different symbolism and themes in the books such as reincarnation and cycles of time, the push and pull of Dark and Light, and of course, the creature for which the main protagonist is titled – the Dragon. 

Our final design is an interpretation of the Dragon Banner, set against a backdrop representing The Flame of Tar Valon and the Dragon’s Fang – opposing elements that represent the themes of balance and the cyclical nature of time present in the series.

After announcing the set, we got some incredible feedback from the fans that encouraged us to take the set one step further! Rather than leave the back covers relatively unadorned, they now sport a unique quote on each. They are all excerpts from the mythology of Jordan’s world – pieces of prophecy, of history, or of poetry which are highlighted in the beginning of each volume.

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