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His Dark Materials Series Finale is Here!

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His Dark Materials Series Finale is Here!

His Dark Materials Series Finale is Here!

"The story I was trying to write was about real people, not beings that don’t exist like elves or hobbits. Lyra and Will and the other characters are meant to be human beings like us, and the story is about a universal human experience, namely growing up." —Philip Pullman 
His Dark Materials (Borg 2019)
HBO is where you go when you want beloved books adapted into incredible, visually stunning, and wildly successful T.V. series, from Game of Thrones to Big Little Lies to the steampunk fantasy His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials (Borg 2019)
Philip Pullman accomplished something unique in his novels by perfectly blending genre themes we expect to be diametrically opposed: fantasy and scientific reality. This groundbreaking trilogy spawned a dedicated online fandom which exploded overnight when the HBO adaptation first aired in 2019 with a star-studded cast including James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda. 
Whether you’re excited for the T.V. series finale, a die-hard fan of the books, or a fantasy fan looking for a new series to read, our special edition His Dark Materials Trilogy Set is just the thing for you. Featuring the golden compass, or “alethiometer,” set against a star-filled cosmos, our team made sure the design captured the steampunk fantasy essence of the beloved series. 
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