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REVEALED: This Year's Christmas Classics Design!

REVEALED: This Year's Christmas Classics Design!

It's never too early to get into the Christmas spirit!

Here at Juniper Books, we start feeling festive as soon as the peaks of the Boulder foothills catch their first frost, and we take the winter holidays very seriously. 
We release a new design of our best-selling Christmas Classics set each year just in time for holiday shopping. It's the perfect companion for your Elf-on-the-Shelf and a fantastic gift for everyone on Santa’s list!
Since each year’s design is unique, let’s visit The Ghost of Christmas Past and check out the book sets that completed your winter shelves over the last five years:
No need to wrap the 2018 design, it's going to blend right in under the tree! 
2019 pays homage to 20th-century holiday design with 1950s motifs and adorable comic-style ornaments. 
In 2020, we walked through a winter wonderland with this cozy snowed-in farmhouse design. 
Last year, we combined the wrapping paper pattern motif of 2018 with the stylized drawing of 2019 to create a uniquely modern arrangement of holly, mistletoe, pine boughs, and all the greenery that decks our holiday halls.
The last few years have been tough for all of us, and we want to put Christmas magic back into your hearts and hearths. Nothing better captures the spirit of giving, charity, and quality time with family like Santa Claus himself! Inspired by the iconic ending scene of so many holiday specials, 2022’s Christmas Classics book set certainly has a place in Saint Nicholas’ famous sack of presents.
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