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The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling can often feel like a commitment rather than an escape. Similar to the other beneficial habits in our lives such as eating right and exercising, the key is starting small and building your way up. To convince you to add this wonderful practice to your routine we have listed some of the many benefits below!


It’s always good to take a moment of your day to sit down and be calm. Journaling offers an opportunity for reflection and self-improvement which ultimately leaves you feeling more in control of your life and the events happening around you.


Life is often very hectic, and we don’t always have an outlet for our frustrations. Writing down what you cannot say out loud is the perfect way to get your thoughts out of your head without worrying what others might say or how they will react. Journaling creates a safe space that allows you to process emotions through a healthy outlet. 


We all have those special memories that we want to hold on to. Sometimes it can be tough to keep them with us if we don’t have something to remember them by. Take your pen to paper and record all the things you want to remember in five, ten, fifty years from now. Don’t just record your experiences, though! Journaling is a great way to track different information from medical concerns and meal plans to goals and dreams. Writing everything down will show you where you came from and where you’re going.


Whether it’s after you have written down those frustrations or are coming out of meditation, lay out your priorities in your journal. This will help you feel balanced and help center your focus going forward.

There are many different ways to journal, too! We have a few listed below, find the one that you enjoy or mix and match!

Bullet Journaling
Calendar Journaling
Gratitude Journaling
Travel Journaling
Creative Writing Journaling
Working from Prompts

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