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Start 2023 with a Resolution to Read!

2023 is here!

Books have long been a method of self-improvement, learning about the world, and entertainment. Everyone can benefit from a New Year’s resolution to read more regardless of their motivations. Here are some of the book sets assembled by our expert curators that are sure to expand your mind and library:
Including short stories, dystopian novels, feminist essays, and more, this set includes some of the most groundbreaking works by women writers of the 20th century. 
Now some of the most renowned poets in literary history, these pioneers pushed boundaries and subverted expectations, creating a new standard of excellence.
This set includes 8 novels by American diaspora authors, reflecting on the country’s multicultural mosaic and redefining what it means to be American. 
These five volumes follow the emergence of the French literary canon and the birth of the genre that would shape all of Europe for centuries: Romanticism. 
This set includes famous works from nineteenth-century women which are must-reads for anyone seeking ‘the classics.’

These five novels are some of the most important works in recent history, further illustrated by their constant fight to stay within reach of the public as governments everywhere deemed them ‘dangerous’ or ‘morally corrupt.’ To read the books most banned over the last few years, refer to the Contemporary Banned Set. 

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