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A Look Into Rick Riordan’s Universe — Percy Jackson Was Only The Beginning

A Look Into Rick Riordan’s Universe — Percy Jackson Was Only The Beginning

For anyone who is a fan of Rick Riordan’s books, there’s a good chance they first learned about his writing through the iconic Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. Even Rick Riordan himself affectionately calls the Percy Jackson series “the series that started it all.” And here at Juniper Books, our path was no different! The first Rick Riordan set we created was for Percy Jackson and The Olympians. But — as the Demigods fandom was quick to remind us — there are SO many other amazing books written by Rick Riordan, and it’s been our mission to highlight these beloved series. So, take a look into our Rick Riordan Collection - recently expanded with our latest launch of The Trials of Apollo Book Set!

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Percy Jackson and The Olympians Bookset

The series that started it all. This action-packed series by Rick Riordan follows 12-year-old Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon, and his friends on their quests to defeat mythological monsters and the Titan, Kronos. The series reimagines the history of the Greek gods, putting them into a modern context, where Mount Olympus sits atop the Empire State Building. These deep-blue custom jackets were inspired by Percy's connections to water and include symbols important to each book.

Here at Juniper Books, we’re personally SO excited for the brand new Percy Jackson and The Olympians TV show that will premiere December 20th on Disney Plus. We truly hope the show will do this iconic series justice!

The Heroes of Olympus 

The Heroes of Olympus Bookset

This riveting series is the follow-up to Riordan's immensely popular Percy Jackson series and is a must-read for fans of the genre. Embark on a thrilling adventure with Rick Riordan's action-packed series, featuring a team of unlikely Greek and Roman demi-gods who band together to save the world from Gaea, also known as Mother Earth. When designing this book set, our goal was to create custom jackets in a complementary color to our Percy Jackson book set, featuring symbols that represent each book. These stunning designs are sure to captivate young readers and keep them engaged throughout the entire series.

The Trials of Apollo

Trials of Apollo BooksetJoin the epic adventure of teenager Lester Papadopoulos as he takes on a series of trials to regain his spot on Mount Olympus as the god Apollo. As the newest addition to our Riordanverse collection, our Trials of Apollo Set perfectly complements the previously introduced Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus designs, bringing the magic and myth of Rick Riordan’s series to your shelves. Illustrated in tones of rich, royal purple, our jacket design is a visually striking addition to the collection! Each jacket also features a symbol at the base of the spine for readers to discover the deeper meaning behind. 

Whether you're a devoted member of the Demigod fandom, or a young reader just discovering Percy Jackson for the first time, these Rick Riordian books will not disappoint. Plus, they’ll look amazing on your bookshelf! 

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