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Juniper Books Predictions: What All Book Lovers Will Be Talking About

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Juniper Books Predictions: What All Book Lovers Will Be Talking About in 2024

Juniper Books Predictions: What All Book Lovers Will Be Talking About in 2024

2023 was an exciting year in the literary world. It was a monumental year here at Juniper Books! We introduced a beautiful new logo for Juniper Books, and separated our Juniper Custom into its own division and website. We doubled down on what our customers love and introduced over 20 new book sets! From Hunger Games, to Harry Potter, Trials of Apollo and beyond, we had a lot of fun with our book sets and new designs. 

So, what’s in store for Juniper Books and the world of books in 2024? We love to capitalize on the “now.” Whether it’s social media trends, the hottest best sellers, or on-screen adaptations, we want our products to reflect what bibliophiles are buzzing about on Instagram, TikTok, and IRL. To do this, we must predict what will be wildly popular in 2024. Here’s a list of what we think will be every book lover’s obsessions in the coming year. 

Books as “Fast Fashion”

2023 in the publishing world was no doubt the year of new releases that went viral, witness the phenomenon of Colleen Hoover. As readers, we rode the wave of newly published series like a roller coaster: wildly fun but also leaving us with a bit of a headache in the end. We read these new, spicy series like our lives depended on it, but this obsession might be nearing its end. Recently, there is a discourse brewing among the online book community. People have begun to ask themselves if a portion of the publishing industry has become too much like “fast fashion.” But, we don’t think this trend isn’t over just yet!  

Nostalgia Reigns Supreme

We predict people will begin to prioritize quality over quantity, as well as revisit nostalgic comfort series to combat their new release fatigue. Whether it’s Twilight, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, people will be turning to the series which shaped their childhoods.

Even Hollywood will prioritize nostalgia in 2024. We saw a glimpse of this when Disney+ released the first episodes of Percy Jackson and The Olympians at the end of 2023, and it is tracking to be a major success in 2024. Tending to a book lover’s inner child is the perfect way for production companies like Disney to create a surefire hit. In 2024 we predict more nostalgic book series will see their on screen adaptation come to life, including Eragon of the The Inheritance Cycle, a new addition to the Tolkien universe, and of course the highly anticipated Bridgerton Season Three.

It’s All About Aesthetics

2024 may in fact be the year where the rest of the world comes around to judging every book by its cover. Of course, what’s inside the book counts the most, but the outside of books is what draws your attention to them online and on the shelf. Beautifully organized bookshelves, and the #shelfies of them, are absolute eye candy for book lovers. So, for all the Book Bloggers and Bookstagrammers out there, we love what you’re doing. The more beautiful your bookshelves are, the more attention you will get, and the more people will want to know what you’re reading and recommending!

Making Art and Sculpture with Books

We hope that even more adventurous bibliophiles will be brave enough to venture beyond the bounds of their bookshelves and construct book sculptures! The photo featured here is a book sculpture by @myfriendsarefiction. She was able to construct a book throne with our Throne of Glass book set featured right in the middle! AMAZING!

Physical Books Are Back

Remember when the world thought e-readers were going to lead to the extinction of physical books? Back when we started Juniper Books in 2001, up until a few years ago, people thought we were crazy to go all in on the printed book! “Didn’t you get the memo? The future of books is all electronic!” Well, we predict 2024 will be the year that printed books cement their victory as the preferred medium for book lovers everywhere. Ebooks and audiobooks are awesome, don’t get us wrong, but there is no substitute for the printed book!

Books as gifts will be a big trend for birthdays, housewarming presents, and wedding gifts. Giving special edition book sets and custom books can take the gifting to the next level.

There really is nothing like the feeling of opening a new book: the smell of the pages and the weight of it in your hands. We know this will be a great year for your local bookshop and hometown library. If you need any help with picking out the perfect set for your shelves or as a gift, or figuring out if our dust jackets will fit your books, you know where to find us!

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