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Beware of Fraudulent Imposter Scam Websites

We have become aware of multiple fraudulent sites pretending to be Juniper Books, sell our products at deep discounts, and/or have some association with us. Other special edition book companies are shown in the social media ads and websites, either by name or with the unauthorized use of their photos, in an effort to lure customers to websites that exist solely to steal customer payment information. 

The only official Juniper Books websites operated by us are and

There are only four websites authorized to sell a selection of Juniper Books products, they are: Amazon, Maisonette, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Uncrate. On Amazon, only products sold by "Juniper Books LLC" are authentic brand new editions. 

If you have purchased from sites with names that include,,,,, or, we recommend that you cancel your order and contact your bank to request a new credit card. 

If you used paypal to pay for the books, we recommend that you dispute the charge and report the merchant listed on your transaction as fraudulent.

If you clicked on a Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok ad that brought you to an imposter website, we recommend that you report the ad to that platform (click on the 3 dots on the upper right of the ad to start the process.)

We also recommend reporting the Facebook page that runs the ad if possible. 

This type of imposter website scam is on the rise. Whether it is for books, or any product or service, be on the lookout for social media ads promising products that you are interested in at an impossibly low price. The way cookies and social media ads work, you are more likely to receive an ad for something you really want, than something random. Most recently, customers interested in musical instruments were inundated with a proliferation of ads for guitars, drums, keyboards and more when Sam Ash announced their own closeout sale. All of the sites that ran the ads with impossibly low prices were scams, but their websites were designed to appeal to shoppers who were in the market for instruments and were convincing enough that they could be the official closeout website. Thousands of customers gave over their payment information.

Always check that the URL matches the brand name of the company you think you are doing business with. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

If you have become a victim of this scam, please report the imposter website to the Federal Trade Commission. You can also report them to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

We are compiling a database of facts related to these scams and providing them to authorities, please share any relevant information with us at including screenshots of ads, social media pages, websites, payment confirmations, order and shipment confirmations (which are fake unfortunately). Timestamps are very helpful to capture with your screenshots.

For more information on how this type of scam works, there is a thorough article on the legitimate scam reporting site

You can also also read the public service announcement from Julia Quinn, the author of the Bridgerton series, on her Facebook group. 

We will continue to update this page as we have more information. 

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