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Dearest Gentle Reader…

Dearest Gentle Reader…

With the release of Bridgerton Season 3, there is no doubt that Junia Quinn is the talk of the ton. For an author who started writing her books before social media even existed, Julia Quinn is amazing at taking over the internet! With #Polin trending as the ship name for the characters Penelope and Colin, we are locked in and ready to experience another romantic whirlwind! But before we watch Bridgerton Season 3, we must refresh ourselves on the gossip of the past two seasons. Lady Whistledown herself said it best, "Be it shame or slander, seduction or smear, there is but one thing that humbles even the most highly regarded members of our dear ton…a scandal!”

Season one of Bridgerton is based off of the novel The Duke and I. This story features the always endearing trope of “fake romance” in which the eldest Bridgerton daughter Daphne enters a fake courtship with the eligible bachelor Simon. Oh, and did we mention that Simon conveniently does NOT want to get married under any circumstance? We would never spoil the ending for you, but we will say that when characters fake being in love, it is almost always just practice for when they actually do fall in love. But who are we to say?

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Season two of Bridgerton is based off of the novel The Viscount Who Loved Me which follows the eldest Bridgerton son named Anthony. In this story, Julia Quinn explores the adored literary trope of “enemies to lovers” where Anthony is determined to marry a good woman, but not necessarily someone he loves. But what happens when the woman he falls in love with hates everything about him? If you asked Anthony, he’d say the solution would be to become her sworn enemy… because pretending to hate the woman you love is always the correct way to handle your emotions, right? 

And now it is time for the long anticipated Bridgerton Season 3. This season is based on the novel Romancing Mister Bridgerton which is actually the fourth book in the Bridgerton series. The story features the romantic trope “friends to lovers” in which Colin Bridgerton begins to look at his best friend Penelope in a new light. Although Colin is newly privy to his friend’s feelings, Penelope has been *not so subtly* in love with him since childhood. But now Penelope has discovered the true magnitude of her self worth, and Colin might have waited too long to realize what was in front of him the whole time. Will the two friends become lovers in the end? Only time will tell! 

Juniper Books Bridgerton Book Set Special Edition Book Covers

So, Gentle Reader, do you plan to become a Gentle Streamer now that Bridgerton Season 3 is out on Netflix? We certainly do! Our team here at Juniper Books already has our popcorn popped and ready to go. We are so excited to binge another flawless season of swoon worthy romance, not to mention support the endlessly lovely Julia Quinn. While her characters might be caught up in love affairs of their own, we are absolutely caught in a love affair with these books!

P.S. Are you curious what Julia Quinn thinks about our special edition Bridgerton jackets? In this exclusive interview with Juniper Books she shares her honest opinions about our cover art, how Shonda Rhimes was the reason she discovered Juniper Books, and the origin story behind the notorious wisteria flowers featured on the cover!  


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