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Dark Academia Is More Than Just A Genre, It’s A Lifestyle

Dark Academia Is More Than Just A Genre, It’s A Lifestyle

Dark academia is one of the more modern genres, first entering the lime light in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But don’t be fooled. While dark academia is newer to the scene, it can absolutely hold its own against the big hitting genres like fantasy and sci-fi. In fact, similar to fantasy, dark academia readers have taken this genre beyond the pages of their books and into the real world. The phrase “dark academia” is now associated with an entire aesthetic. From clothing, home decor, music, makeup, and photography, dark academia is officially a lifestyle. So, what are some books that first launched this genre to fame? What are some new releases that should absolutely be on your 2024 TBR? And most importantly, where do we see this genre going next?

The Secret History

The novel that launched the dark academia genre into fame was The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Published in 1992, this book stirred up major interest around the secrets of these exclusive, secretive universities. The stark contrast between the student’s young, exuberant energy and their deeply intellectual classes is enthralling from page one. Not to mention the underlying dark implication that not all the characters will survive the story. We must admit, this novel is not for the faint of heart. If you’re new to the genre, we recommend picking up a story like The Atlas Series first.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Photo: Blue Book Dragon

The Atlas Series

The Atlas Series written by Olivie Blake is a perfect example of when fantasy and dark academic collide. The story follows six talented young magicians who have been chosen to secure a life of power and prestige beyond their wildest dreams. And of course, they must attend a secret school called the Alexandrian Society. The allure of magic at an exclusive university is the perfect recipe for this thrilling dark academia series. After the recent release of The Atlas Complex, our team at Juniper Books teamed up with Olivie Blake to create a stunning special edition book set of her Atlas Series. The cover design, shown below, features the ‘Knowledge is Carnage’ eye and sword symbol on the spines, central to the Atlas Six’s pursuit of knowledge. There’s also a special message from Olivie to her fans printed on each cover’s inside flap. 

Juniper Books The Atlas Series Special Edition Book Set

The Future of Dark Academia 

With a rush of new authors to the scene, we predict dark academia will only grow in popularity as time goes on. And with more authors writing this genre, more branches of dark academia will emerge. In fact, under the umbrella of “academia literature” there are already categories like light academia, romantic academia, and chaotic academia. Our prediction on where the world of dark academia will go next? Outer space! How fun would it be to read a book with all the elements of dark academia, but the secretive university is actually on an intergalactic space station. Sci-fi Academia is definitely on our trend watch for 2024. There is so much to discover when it comes to academia literature and, hopefully, you have at least one book from this genre in your 2024 TBR. Come chat with us on Instagram and share your favorite dark academia series. Who knows, it might just be our next big design! 

Photo: Bibinnies


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