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Making A Difference With Books

Making A Difference With Books

At Juniper Books, we believe books are powerful. Books inform us about the world, introduce us to communities and cultures other than our own, and highlight voices that deserve to be heard.

We have brought together a list of five book sets that we believe can help bring about change and impact the world in a positive way. This year, we are particularly proud to introduce three new book sets, included below, curated around important contemporary issues and ideas. In addition to the significance of their content, a portion of sales from each of these sets supports an incredible organization that is making positive change in our world.

Start Here Book Set

We curated this book set as a place to start when looking to understand the discussions about systemic racism, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and why these conversations are important. The books in this set were thoughtfully chosen to highlight Black voices and experiences. The bold jacket design was inspired by the power of grassroots protests.

For every sale of this book set, Juniper Books will make a donation to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

Earth Day Everyday Book Set

For this book set, we curated five books about the environment, ranging from beautiful prose to informative climate science writing and calls to action. The canvas book band unifying the books features a lush forest motif, serving as a visual reminder of the Earth we need to protect.

For every sale of this book set, Juniper Books will make a donation to the Environmental Defense Fund.

True Colors Book Set

This book set was curated to share the experience and history of the LGBTQ+ community. This set of five includes a thought-provoking mix of memoirs, non-fiction, and fiction. Our exclusive jackets for this book set bring the colors of the pride flag to your shelves with a bold, modern design.

For every sale of this book set, Juniper Books will make a donation to The Trevor Project.

Banned Books Set

The five books in this set are some of the best known and well-written classics in the world but also some of the most frequently challenged books by communities and governments. Books inspire us to look at our world with a critical eye and expose us to ideas we otherwise might not have experienced. We felt it was important to bring together some of the most thought-provoking titles of the 20th Century and to celebrate the authors who push us to question and look beyond our worldview, often at great risk to themselves and their craft.

Women Changing the World

From impactful quotes to portraits and profiles of empowered individuals, this trio of books (by and for women) reminds us of the incredible importance of the women in our lives and in our histories. Find inspiration, wise words, and advice from hundreds of women makers, entrepreneurs, artists and other influential women in this gorgeous three-volume book set celebrating women.

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