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We're Going Green

We're Going Green

At Juniper Books, we're passionate about books - and our planet. This year, we've been looking for new ways that we can do better for you and the environment. 

Here are a few ways we're doing our part. 

1. We're printing trees! This year's annual catalog was certified with PrintReleaf. We know how much bibliophiles love a printed piece (and so do we!) so we wanted each catalog to do some good. Not only are the catalogs recyclable, but through the PrintReleaf program, 133 trees were planted! 

2. We've switched up our packing materials. Many of our packages are now padded with EarthAware Recycled Film that is biodegradable and made of at least 95% pre-consumer recycled material. 

3. We're finding ways to include re-usable materials, like our gift wrap! Each gift-wrapped item now comes carefully packed in a reusable canvas bag, perfect for travel, grocery trips, or wrapping another gift!

4. We're giving back. Our new Earth Day Every Day Set not only aims to educate readers about climate change and how we can all make a difference, but we are also donating to the Environmental Defense Fund with every purchase of the set! 

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