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Q&A with Federika Longinotti Buitoni

Q&A with Federika Longinotti Buitoni

About Federika Longinotti-Buitoni
From a young age, Federika embraced her mother’s exquisite Latin American flair and her father’s timeless European style. The diversity of cultures from her childhood home shaped her identity and, inevitably, her aesthetics. It is this combination of classical elegance and tropical vibes that are now deeply rooted in Collecto’s vision and curation. 

Federika nurtured her passion for luxury and design while working for retailer Moda Operandi in New York City. During her years at M’O, she gained extensive experience in the world of luxury retail. Her love for the world of homeware flourished while putting together her wedding registry. Disheartened with the options available, she embarked on the journey of creating Collecto, the Ultimate Wedding Registry. Based in Miami, Federika is ready to unveil this unrivaled experience.

About Collecto
Collecto is a luxury wedding registry and online retailer providing access to the world’s finest homeware designers. Collecto brings together a curated selection of items from emerging and established brands, where each piece embraces the value of craftsmanship, heritage, and design.

JJ: In your words, why is gifting important?

FLB: Gifting is a way to celebrate love and relationships. It’s a symbol of appreciation and thoughtfulness, showing the person that you have taken the time to think about something special that she will love. 

When invited to a dinner party or birthday celebration, it is always nice to bring a gift – whether it is something simple such as a great bottle of wine, or more thoughtful such as a coffee table book of a subject the person enjoys. When invited to a wedding, opt for either sending the gift directly to the couple, or giving it in person at another time. Gifts brought to the wedding bring an additional stress to the couple and planner! 

JJ: How can one be a good gift giver?

FLB: The best gifts are always thoughtful. Put some time and effort towards choosing a gift that the person will love. The presentation of the gift is also very important. A fabulous wrapping paper and hand written note make the world of a difference!

Wedding registries are wonderful as they take out the guesswork from the guest, while the thoughtfulness and appreciation remains. Couples are taking the time to curate their registries and add pieces that they need and love. I always prefer gifting them something they are excited about!

JJ: Do you think books make good gifts?

FLB: Absolutely, books are wonderful gifts. One can never have too many coffee table books! They’re such beautiful decorative pieces, and very versatile as well – they can be placed on a coffee table, bookshelf, or console table. I love changing mine every once in a while. Not only do you have new pages to read, but they can also change the look and feel of your shelf or table.

JJ: How do you discover brands that are creative, unique, and have great products?  

FLB: Over the years I have developed an eye for design, and use my experience and aesthetics to curate our collections. The power of social media is incredible. With the click of a button you can discover collections from across the globe. Instagram has really given brands tremendous exposure. Now, while it is powerful and exciting, it can also be overwhelming. There is too much information, too many brands, too much content, and that’s when the power of curation comes in. 

Another great way is to attend the design trade shows – Maison Objet in Paris and Salone del Mobile in Milan are two of the ones we love. Shows are also a great way to meet the founders and designers behind the brands, and touch and feel the product in person.

JJ: How are you adjusting to the Coronavirus and its impact on weddings and events?

FLB: Luckily most of our weddings have been postponed (not cancelled), but it has definitely affected us in the short-term. We are focusing on creating great content to continue to be top of mind for our couples when we overcome this situation. On the bright side, some couples are now able to dedicate more time to curate their registries and customize certain pieces. Since we are also a traditional homeware retailer, we are also enticing people to shop with us to support our small brands. 

JJ: In the event that a wedding has been cancelled due to Coronavirus – what is the proper gifting protocol?

FLB: At this time it is important to show support for the couple as these are very difficult and stressful times. Letting go of something you’ve been planning and dreaming of for so long is always hard. Sending them a hand written note is a very nice touch. Even a phone call to show that you are thinking of them, and will support them with any modifications they have made. 

Usually guests purchase gifts four to six weeks before the wedding. If the wedding date has changed, guests can certainly wait to purchase the gift closer to the date. However, purchasing the gift now is a great way to show support. If a wedding is cancelled, guests should certainly purchase a gift and include a heartfelt note. 

JJ: What are your top picks in the homespace these days – items that every couple must have on their registry? 

FLB: It really depends on the couple and their lifestyle. A fabulous dinnerware set is something I always recommend as couples will use and remember for years to come. I also love a great set of glasses to go with the dinnerware. I love hosting dinners at home and think it’s such a great way to bring people together. So for me, the items to set a beautiful table are the most important ones. When it comes to decorative pieces, books and candle holders are my favorite! 

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