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Rise to the Occasion

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Rise to the Occasion

Rise to the Occasion

Are you a lowly Red, a craftsman Violet, or a ruling-class Gold? 

Red Rising is a classic dystopian YA series with a fun, sci-fi twist. After Earth becomes inhabitable, mankind sets up shop on Mars and is organized by a very strict, highly oppressive caste system. Reds are the very lowest class, who mine for energy resources under the surface. When our protagonist Red, Darrow, finds out there is a whole wealthy society on the surface that uses Reds as slave labor, he won’t stand for it. 

So he disguises himself as a higher class color and competes in the Martian version of The Hunger Games that sorts people into colors and occupation…if they survive. 

Our favorite YA tropes ofthe chosen one’ and ‘battle royale’ are given a new face in this gritty sci fi series. Rise to the occasion to overcome Martian totalitarian tyranny with Darrow and his friends and await the series conclusion as Pierce Brown continues work on the last few books. Start here, with the first three of the YA epic in our specially designed dust jackets:

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