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America's Multicultural Landscape

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America's Multicultural Landscape

America's Multicultural Landscape

Since the birth of the nation, America has been a melting pot for different cultures. From Little Italy in New York City to the Quinault Indian Nation on the Washington coast, we are a patchwork of different heritages and identity. Yet, these rich histories have too often been ignored in favor of Eurocentric ideals. 
Appalachian Orchard from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 
Our American Landscape set is a great first step in understanding the different perspectives and vibrant communities that make up the great cultural mosaic of America. 
Monument Valley, Navajo Nation by Dsdugan, via Wikimedia Commons
The set includes eight contemporary novels from NYT best-selling diaspora authors covering topics from modern religious discrimination to the ongoing effects of long-ago imperialism, and much more. 
Bayou in Southern Mississippi by Ron Levine via GettyImages
We recruited a local artist, Chris Huang, for the jacket design which uses Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese, Mexican, African, African American, and Indigenous imagery and symbols patch-worked over a map of the U.S. to reflect its multicultural landscape. 
We are working hard to give back to our communities. We are donating the proceeds from sales of this set to the Bright Side Foundation, which provides resources for immigrants including food assistance, legal advice, and anything else they may need to make a transition to American life go smoothly.
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