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The Most Epic Fantasy Series of All Time

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The Most Epic Fantasy Series of All Time

The Most Epic Fantasy Series of All Time

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series is the best-selling fantasy series of our era, and it’s obvious why. It ticks every box for every kind of fantasy fan. It really has everything: Clear and complex world-building without long passages of exposition, tense romance, multiple detailed systems of magic, politics and battle strategy, Chosen Ones, Dark Lords, an expansive cast of dimensional characters, and an epic timeline… all expertly crafted. 
Our special edition 15-book set includes the main series and the official prequel. The design along the spine references specific symbols from the books and from the mythology that inspired them. We worked carefully with Robert Jordan’s wife and editor, Harriet McDougal, co-author Brandon Sanderson, and even some die-hard fans to create jacket art that truly captures the heart and soul of The Wheel of Time. 
The complexity of the series makes for a difficult on-screen adaptation, but The Wheel of Time Amazon Original Series has been fairly successful, with season 2 currently in the works. Though, the firm consensus among all fantasy fans is that the books are always better.
Instead, you could check out the podcast, Wheel Talk, which breaks down a chapter from the series every week until the host completes the series, or watch one of Daniel Greene's many, many youtube videos on all things Wheel. 
Already a superfan with a full hardcover set? Our awesome design is also available by jackets only
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